Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Football Sucks

I used to be a fan of football.  When I was a child.

I know, there are many men out there (like 99.9%) who enjoy it.  I don’t.  I find the whole affair to be tedious and relatively pointless.  Perhaps it’s because I’m a natural loner and I don’t enjoy team sports.  Or my personality type, although I share it with Vox Day (Myers-Briggs) who loves football.

I don’t know, but at some point while I was growing up, the whole thing got boring to me.  I’m not sure what happened really.  I didn’t have a traumatic experience that I can say is why I don’t like football.  At best I think it is because I was resentful of the other fellow boys who wanted nothing to do with me and they loved football.

Personal indifference or animosity aside, I’ve seen what football has become these days and I don’t like it.  Even if I had been a fan, I doubt I would be now.

It’s not the players.  Generally they act like children and that has pretty much always been the case.  If your job is to play a sports game, you’re going to lack maturity.  That should be a given.

For me, it is the constant commercialization attached to the sport along with the growing Statist, left-wing propaganda that has become a part of the sport.  More and more, we see a man’s game being infringed upon by feminists, either directly or through their white knights who wish to appease those savages.

Take the whole trend of football players wearing pink for the month of October.  I know, it’s for breast cancer awareness, but honestly, why should men care?  I mean, if women are strong, independent now, then why do they need men to wear pink to highlight their problems?

Personally, I think that making football players wear pink is an attack on masculinity, but I’ll let other people be the judge on that.

As for the constant commercialization, I find it all disgusting.  Every half-time show is brought to you by some major company while the pre- and post-game shows are also exclusively sponsored by some company.  And they don’t let you forget it.  It’s the “Verizon” half-time show.  It’s the pre-game show brought to you from Doritos.  Seriously, how much of a whore does the NFL have to be?

Lastly, the NFL is full of left-wing Statists who are deeply offended when you even go off the narrative that the government is good for you or you have a contrary opinion.  Remember how Rush Limbaugh was kicked off ESPN for saying that Donovan McNab was getting all that attention due him being the first black quarterback?

The fact of the matter is, the sport is boring, what you are actually able to watch in-between the 20 commercials and 30 commercial breaks, the NFL elites are Statist assholes, and the feminists have pretty much taken it over.

A real man would be wise to not watch it anymore.