Friday, October 4, 2013

The Insignificance of the Powerful

It always amazes me when so much is attributed to the men and women in power.  From the unemployment rate to the roads, we are constantly seeing some of humanity’s greatest examples of failures pat themselves on the back for shit they did not do.

For the Statist, we see a consistent pattern of taking credit for passing laws or supporting policies that are said to benefit all their citizenry.  In many cases, they manipulate the citizenry indirectly in order to achieve these ends and proceed to use rhetoric to support them.

For example, say a special interest group decides to prevent prison rape.  So they campaign for money to be used to help prevent it in the various prisons.  Now, any politician of either party will come off as looking like they support prison rape if they don’t support it.  That would be the rhetoric that is spouted from the mouths of the interest group and the politician’s opponents alike.

But opposing something like that is not about supporting prison rape.  The politician may believe that money going to research organizations would be better spent elsewhere.  Or perhaps he believes that there is no point in funding research because it wouldn’t stop prison rape.

This is how politics really are these days.  The premise is always that the powerful leaders have total, absolute control over just about everything, when in reality they can only at best direct things and usually not in the direction they wish to go in.

The government can fix anything is the idea that planted into the heads of the average mundane.  Whether on the Left or the Right, it doesn’t matter because both sides believe in the benevolence of the State.  Where the conservative argues that more money into government schools will not fix education, they fail to recognize the same logic when it comes to the military.  The liberal constantly believes that the State owns all things and can do as it pleases (that is, the leaders who operate things), so long as those leaders are in the right party.

And every election cycle it is the same stupid thing.  The same slogans, the same campaign promises, the same everything.  And yet, nothing really gets fixed.  In fact, it is obvious to even a casual observer that things are much, much worse.

Perhaps we need to come to the conclusion that the all-powerful State (that is, the collection of selfish individuals who are employed by or manage the government) is not as all-powerful as they and their sycophant mouthpieces would have us believe.  Instead, perhaps we should understand that while they can direct events, behaviors, and actions of the people they rule over, the cannot program us to do what they want.

There are natural forces of societies which cannot be denied, yet the State has been apt to do just that in the past several decades.  From managing the economy poorly to eliminating freedom in the pursuit of security, we how they have failed to account for the all-important human factor that tends to fuck up the best laid plans of politicians and bureaucrats alike.

The truth is, the State, or rather the Beast, is not all-powerful and lacks any moral authority as well as any legitimate claim to rule over use beyond their superior firepower.  Defying them is practically a moral duty of all sensible men.  It need not be a defiance of violence (in fact, I don’t recommend it), but it must one that their idiot savants who operate the machinations of bureaucracy have no plans for.

I don’t know what this may entail for you.  I myself have some ideas for me, but they may only work for me and not you.  You have tailor your defiance based on who you are and what you can do.

The State will hate you for it.  They always have hated those who defy them.  That is because the idiot savants who serve our leaders are true believers in the righteousness of their Beastly God and his Whore.  To defy them is blasphemy and madness.

But every individual act of defiance proves again and again that our leaders are powerless to the spirit that we all share: free will.