Monday, October 7, 2013

Obamacare Eliminated My Insurance Coverage

This past Friday, I received a letter from my health insurance company.  It basically stated that my current plan was being eliminated due to regulations created under the Affordable Care Act and that I was now going to have to find another plan.

First and foremost: I do not have insurance from my current employer.  A while back, I took a contracting job and had to buy my own insurance.  So I choose a high-deductible plan that would cover only regular check-ups and then anything where I spend above 10,400 each year.  Since neither myself nor my family have chronic medical issues, we took that option.

Now this plan is considered invalid.  Under a law that describes itself as aiming to make healthcare affordable, I am forced to pay for a plan that is more expensive.  On top of that, if I have no insurance, I will get fined for not having it.

And then today, I went to eHealthInsurance to try and see what other options were available.  When I entered in basic information about me and my family, the search result came back empty.  In other words, there are no longer health insurance plans that are independent of my company.

So here’s the lowdown: Obamacare has regulated my insurance plan away.  There are no longer any insurance plans for me to buy.  And if I don’t have insurance, I will be forced to pay a fine.

The Federal government has brought financial harm to me and my family.  Obamacare should be repealed this year before the year’s end.

But it won’t.  Because poor people.  The rest of us mundanes are royally screwed over.  All because America is full of moral busybodies who want the government to help people they normally don’t care about.

So I’m left with less income because of this.  I am harmed because my plan is no longer valid according to our pathetic overlords who believe they are better than me.