Thursday, October 10, 2013

Government Shutdown: Manufactured Conflict

Earlier this week, Judge Andrew Napolitano stated that President Barack Obama is purposely trying to make the government shutdown as painful as possible.  I’d like to add to this and say that this whole government shutdown is a manufactured conflict by two warring factions within the political class.

The political elite share much in common.  Regardless of what party they are in, at the end of the day their objectives are more or less the same.  The use of State power in order to enrich their top contributors.  It is how the system has worked for the longest time now.   So long as the vote is sufficiently diluted, politicians will always accommodate their top donors.

With this in mind, understand that the 2,000 page Affordable Care Act was written up by a group of lobbyists with the express purpose of further monopolizing health insurance and giving fewer and fewer corporations control over this portion of the economy.  While conservatives have long argued that it was an attempt at Socialized medicine, this is a fallacy at best.  In reality, the groups who truly benefit from Obamacare are the big insurance companies and all the large medical-related corporations.  Oh, and the student loan corporations.

The primary reason why I say that this shutdown was manufactured is because nobody is asking a rather troubling question: why now?  Why did the Republicans decide to take a stand now, in an off election year just after summer vacation has ended for the majority of Americans?

Obamacare has been a law for well over three years now.  At any point the Republicans could have defunded the entire program and shutdown the government.  But now that the program is going into full swing, suddenly the Republicans faked having the testicular fortitude to stand-up the half-cracker assed cracker President and his puppeteers.

To top that off, Republican Senator Ted Cruz has the faux balls to filibuster over Obamacare.  Of course, he voted to bring the vote to the floor of the Senate, which means he was voting for the bill essentially.  I guess 21 hours was all the effort he could afford to give the American people.

Because of this, the Republican leadership was forced to look like they were trying to fight Obamacare, not because they oppose it but merely because they can’t take credit for writing it and passing it, much like how the Democrats viewed the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars.

If you understand how politics really works, as I have just described, then you’ll understand by Boehner (pronounced “Boner”) caved so quickly.  He just wanted a show of defiance in order to shore up the base and help get the campaign monies coming in as well as support for the next election year.  This likewise benefited the Democrats in a similar manner.

I know that real people were hurt by this shutdown.  I have acquaintances who were forced to take leave of their jobs because they are government contractors.  But they are pawns in a grand game to provide an illusion of conflict.  It is an effective illusion too, as it helps distract the dumb masses from the true problems that are facing our civilization.