Friday, October 11, 2013

Ann Coulter’s Latest Book Beats A Dead Horse

Ann Coulter, the mainstream conservative columnist turned Romney fan girl, has just released a new book attacking Republicans:

Best-selling conservative author Ann Coulter, who has used her nine books to launch vicious attacks on Democrats, is turning her guns on Republicans in a new book out Monday, calling Florida Sen. Marco Rubio a hypocrite, urging donors freeze contributions to the GOP, and demanding that only governors or senators run for the party’s presidential nomination.

Her point in “Never Trust a Liberal Over 3 -- Especially a Republican” is to shake the party out of its doldrums in time for the 2014 and 2016 elections.

“Elections matter. We’re trying to make the country a better place. But if our candidates don’t win, we can’t do that,” she writes. “This isn’t a game. We aren’t picking basketball brackets. Bad things happen when Republicans lose elections and Democrats have veto-proof majorities,” she adds in the book provided in advance to Secrets.

Really what this book is about is yet another mainstream conservative angry with the Republican party for treating the conservative base much like how Democrats treat blacks.  Their votes are counted on because conservatives always vote against Democrats, no matter how unprincipled the Republican opponent is.

The Republican party doesn’t care about conservatism and only seeks to enrich themselves by supporting their special interests.  It doesn’t matter how much money CPAC raises because the majority of campaign monies, which are routinely swindled through unethical means, come from the likes of Goldman Sachs and Comcast, not individuals.

So until the Republican party somehow gets more money from individuals than the large, multinational corporations who also donate and whose executives tend to have a moral code that is totally alien to the rest of us mundanes, there is no point in complaining like this.  The Republican party will not advocate conservative or libertarian principles no matter how many books, videos, columns, or movies are made that urge them to do so.

Miss Coulter, I’m afraid your time would have been better spent beating a dead horse than writing this book.