Monday, March 12, 2012

Feminist Idiocy

The stupidity of politicians is always a norm when it comes to politics.  But the stupidity of female, feminist politicians usually reaches the top of the charts:

Before getting a prescription for Viagra or other erectile dysfunction drugs, men would have to see a sex therapist, receive a cardiac stress test and get a notarized affidavit signed by a sexual partner affirming impotency, if state Sen. Nina Turner has her way.

The Cleveland Democrat introduced Senate Bill 307 this week.

A critic of efforts to restrict abortion and contraception for women, Turner says she is concerned about men’s reproductive health. Turner’s bill joins a trend of female lawmakers submitting bills regulating men’s health. Turner said if state policymakers want to legislate women’s health choices through measures such as House Bill 125, known as the “Heartbeat bill,” they should also be able to legislate men’s reproductive health. Ohio anti-abortion advocates say the two can’t be compared.

Heartbeat bill sponsor Rep. Lynn Wachtmann, R-Napoleon, said comparing his bill to Turner’s would be like comparing apples to bananas. The Heartbeat bill would prohibit abortion once a heartbeat is detected, as early as six weeks into a pregnancy.

The final sentence tells us how stupid this whole bill really.  Here we have a feminist idiot trying to tell us that men and women are no different, save for a minor difference in genitalia.  The truth is that men and women are very different, right down to DNA and thought patterns.

Naturally, the thought patterns of this chick demonstrates that she is incapable of having a coherent rational thought.  Even though the article doesn’t say what is really going on outright, I can guess what is happening:

The Republicans in the Ohio legislature have introduced a bill that requires an ultrasound before an abortion can be performed.  This is done as a workaround to get abortion clinics to go out of business because the men know just how emotionally attached a woman can become when she sees her baby in her womb.  Nina Turner knows this as well and wants to continue the Supreme Court approved Eugenics program that was started by Planned Parenthood and other progressives who emerged from the sewers of society at the turn of the century.

So what does she do?  Instead of acknowledging that the child in the womb is an actual person, she introduces ridiculous legislation to try and make a moral equivalence for men.  In her mind, it is because all of us men think like women in that we do not see anything beyond our own perspective.

Except that we are able to write laws tailored for women to help them understand, on their level, that abortion is murder.  In other words, the initial bill that was introduced proved that men can see things in the same manner that women see them.  The common response from many women is to circle the wagons for their “sisters” and protect their own.

It is high time that we men stand up to evil and call it what it is.  We have a group of people are devoted to evil, be they Republican or Democrat, who desire to allow women to be absolved from the consequences of their actions, namely the ability to kill their children so they can continue having unprotected sex with as many gullible men as possible.

There is a reason that the husband is considered the head of the household.  It is because he is to provide the moral center and band everyone in his household together under his moral authority.  A wife is to provide support, as God never intended an equal to be provided, but a suitable helper.  Any man who does not assert his authority as the head of the house deserves whatever henpecking, sexless marriage that results.  I have seen it with my own eyes many times over.

The one benefit that feminists have given our society, it seems, is to make men earn their rights as a husband.  And it seems to me that men do like challenges more so than women.

I went off on a tangent there, but the overall point is that we all need to stand up to these evil people and call them out.  That is why I applauded Rush Limbaugh when he call Sandra Fluke a slut and a whore because that is what she was doing.  On top of that she was lying and demanding an apology while not forgiving Limbaugh at all.  These are not the actions of a Godly person, but a wicked heart.

Evil must be confronted, even more so now than in the past because a huge power vacuum is coming due to an impending collapse and we need strong, upright people to take the place of our corrupt and decadent central planners.

(NOTE: As always, generalizations follow the 80/20 rule as any generalizations I make are at least 80% correct.)