Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Better World Starts With You

I know I have totally destroyed most political persuasions in a recent blog, but I want to focus today on the real solutions, rather than the basic, simplistic solutions offered by the various political ideologies.  Namely, I want to tell you the secret of a healthy human society that lacks much of the wicked acts that pervade our society at large today.

The problem is that we have numerous maladjusted individuals running amok while the good people are left with little recourse as the State either neglects the dangerous criminals in favor of targeting the submissive producers or, in some cases, openly supports them in their evil, usually coming up with some bogus reason like racism or payback.

But where does such a maladjustment come from?  The problem is much deeper, psychological, and spiritual than most people realize because it is a problem of evil.  Vox Day stated his belief in Christianity is largely based on the fact that it is the only religion which accurately describes the nature of evil, namely sin, and the reason for the fallen nature of man.  This fallen nature is something we all acknowledge as just about every ideology, regardless of philosophy or creed, will always be oriented around fixing either people or the problems caused by people.

So what is the solution to evil?  We all sin or commit acts of evil contrary to our better nature.  In many cases, these things are small like lying or acting upon our anger in a verbally abusive manner.  We know these things are wrong, yet we do them without any second thought and often times without any remorse.  Such things are evil, regardless of the lack of guilt we feel.  Of course there are bigger things and we have all been tempted to commit these things from time to time.

The problem, as I see it, is not a problem with a lack of a government program or an existing one.  Most often times, a government reflects merely the lowest common denominator of society, which is especially true in a democracy such as ours.  Everything you hate about a politician usually comes from envy, not righteous indignation.  Most men would want a life with free lunches, tons of campaign donations from gullible suckers, and the power of the State to back you when you get in trouble.  There is a reason that Washington, D.C. is considered “Hollywood for ugly people” and the material wealth is definitely one of those things, the other being the outright decadence that is widely celebrated by both the Hollywood and political elite.

The solution to the problem of evil is a society that encourages others to do what is good.  This, however, brings up another problem: what is good?  The question is more complex than most people realize as the truth about good and evil has been muddled and masked behind a culture of corruption and many, numerous, highly fictitious scenarios that less than 1% of the people will ever face in their entire mediocre life.

But being a good person is not hard but for those who do not know good and only know evil, it is definitely hard.  To be a good person, you have to be good when no one is looking.  In other words, you have to have incredibly high amounts of integrity and be honest even in the little things in life.

One cannot impose morality by force because the agents of force, usually law enforcement, cannot monitor you all the time.  This is why that despite all the laws and mandatory minimum sentences, there are still plenty of drug dealers and pushers out there.  No, being good requires that in private we behave ourselves as well as in public.  Given the current crop of assholes working in the political arena, none of them are good people, save a few.

So far, having government force imposing morality has only made what was considered a mere annoyance, such as substance abuse, into a serous criminal threat to the lives and properties of those who wish to live in peace.  Can we honestly say that we are better off now than when we were a century ago in terms of crime?  How about a few decades ago?  The fact is, making a law that prohibits a victimless behavior merely pushes it into the shadows where there are victims.  The sad fact is, the very people who support anti-drug laws, anti-prostitution laws, and anti-gambling laws often cite the murderous thugs as reasons why it should stay illegal.  Yet, they fail to see how they continue to contribute to such things when they push for their continued illegality.

On the other hand, if we were to life all government regulations and laws in regard to such things, I highly doubt that there would be an immediate sense of peace or that these criminal enterprises would go away.  What I am saying is that because of man’s perchance to sin, then the vices would not cease and the moral decadence would not go away.  This is another reason why social conservatives have trouble with legalization of victimless crimes.  And this concern is most certainly a legitimate one.

My solution is for good people to start standing up for what is good in our society, which is really a vast collection of different societies.  We need to start calling people out on their evil, teaching our children to do what is right, even in the shadows of isolation, and to stop depending on others to tell us what is right and wrong.  We all know what is right and what is wrong as it has been imprinted on our hearts by God Himself.

If more than 80% of this nation claims to be Christian, then it is high time we started acting like it, rather than showing the rest of the world, especially the Muslim world, that we are an uncaring, spoiled, and decadent group of yahoos.  It is no wonder that radical Islam has taken hold in those nations: they at least provide moral certainty in response to a nation of immoral murderers who think they know better than everyone else.