Thursday, February 16, 2012

Does Your Small Town Need A Federally-Funded Tank?

One more reason why I refuse to work for government contractors, despite the many lucrative opportunities I will have as a software developer:

Tell me, are they soldiers or police?

If you live in an area where the police have one of these or similar tanks, then you are probably under the thrall of criminals.  And by criminals, I mean the politicians and police chiefs who facilitate the purchases of this these death machines.

Now, I know many of you police-loving bootlickers out there see nothing wrong with this.  You think that the SWAT is used on only dangerous criminals and thus tanks are a legitimate use of law enforcement.

But you’re a moron if you think that way.  SWAT raids are all too common among drug raids, even raids for small amounts of marijuana, which no one has ever overdosed on and no one has ever become violent while under its influence (as far as I know).  Often times, these raids feature the ritual shooting of the family dog, no matter how small or harmless it is.  Sometimes, these raids result in human casualties as well.

In this video, the only thing that makes it clear that the men are portraying police is the fact that their uniforms say “police” and the flashing red and blue lights on the vehicle itself.

The government has declared war on the general population and the defense contractors are all too happy to provide the local law enforcement, no matter how small a town, with tanks and other military apparel at our expense (Federal funds usually go to local law enforcement for this kind of equipment).

Well, I’m sure the Statists will have their war, but not one they are expecting.