Tuesday, August 2, 2011

In a Related Story: The Republican Leaders are SUCKERS!!!

So now that the debt ceiling deal has been passed and we are on the road to default now, it’s official: Republican leaders are suckers.  Speaker of the House Boehner is a total boob and a crybaby to boot.  Not only has he constantly compromised with himself, which is not a big turn on for women I might add, he had the gall to say that it was for our benefit.

Speaker Boehner had repeatedly said indicated that he did not want to shutdown the Federal government.  This is why we were doomed from the beginning to lose the battle of the debt ceiling.  Boehner knew that not raising the debt ceiling would not result in default, but in government shutdown.  This was something he did not want to happen as he did not want to be perceived as the man who did nothing while Rome burned.   On a side note, I never understood that analogy since it is not likely that any king or emperor could do much of anything to put a fire, unless they were truly divine in some capacity.

Not only that, but Speaker Boehner seems to be content with bringing more debt, debt which cannot be repaid, upon us in order to maintain the status quo.  Any benefit that was supposedly gained by this deal will not occur because those are promises on future spending, assuming that we still have the same Congressional leadership who is willing to keep up with their promises.  But we all know that the American people are, by and large, only focused on what Congress has done in the past year or so and I predict that whatever spending caps or cuts which have been passed will be removed within a year or so.  From what I understand, there were no spending cuts, so this prediction is fairly accurate.

I suspect that this is what Speaker Boehner wanted all along.  Statists always benefit from the status quo being maintained, no matter what the cost is to everyone else.  Remember, he said that he was not interested in rolling back Obamacare and I am almost certain he wholeheartedly supports it with every fiber of his being.  This is probably why he has not chosen to defund it with the continuing resolutions that were passed this year in lieu of a budget.

Speaker Boehner is a giant wussy and he needs to be called on it.  He was so afraid of a government shutdown that he refused to take on anything controversial.  He pisses himself at the prospect of a government shutdown and so he folds his hand and does not stand up to the President, all the while insulting the fiscal conservatives with both insult and sardonic assurances of spending caps.

As for Eric Cantor, he is a big idiot.  He actually stood for fiscal conservatism to a degree, but now it is clear that he is a big weeny as well.  He caved into a man who cried in public more than any other politician I can remember.  So what do you call a man who submits to ultra-wussy like Speaker Boehner?

Meanwhile, Senator Mitch McConnell openly defied the fiscal conservatives and proposed a deal that was probably the same one that was passed today.  Is it any wonder why more Republicans voted against this “deal” than Democrats?

This whole deal is nothing more than a win for Statism and the status quo.   We are going to lose this nation’s financial stability now because good men refused to fight against what is clearly nothing short of madness.  If you have ever read Common Sense by Thomas Paine, you would know that it was a propaganda piece for promoting colonial independence at that specific time.  Thomas Paine argued that if they waited a decade or two, then the colonies would become complacent in being a colony of England and thus allow a tyrannical king to do as he pleases.

Now that it is clear that no one, neither Democrat nor Republican, has the political will to take on a serious problem and instead focus of building airports or shutting down lemonade stands, it is clear that our nation is going to collapse on its own largess of wealth to people who do not deserve it.

Everyone who supported any plan on the Republican side which raised the debt ceiling is a sucker.  All that did was ensure that President Obama gets to continue his illegal bombings in Libya, his sale of guns to drug cartels in Mexico, his expansion of rules and regulations into our medical plans, and his harassment of toddlers, babies, children, and elderly people in airports.  All you have done is continue the madness that is Obama and done NOT A DAMN THING TO STOP IT!

President Obama has won.  He started out with a radical position, produced no plan, and managed to get you idiots to compromise with yourselves while he played golf.  He played you like a con artist plays a bored, greedy housewife and grifted the American people out of a successful future.

Hope is gone now.  All that remains is the prospect of default and resetting this madness back to zero.  Also, I think some violence is just around the corner since our supposed leaders are not interested in socialized conflict.