Friday, August 5, 2011

The Dark Side of Victimization and Diversity

When I was a teenager looking for a college to go to, a recruiter once commented that he was impressed at how diverse my high school was.  I looked around and finally noticed that there were a lot of minorities in my high school, even though we are mostly white.  This college recruiter seemed convinced that diversity was the highest virtue to be accomplished, probably out of some supposed guilt over being a moderately successful white man.  I had no such guilt at the time nor do I have it now because I usually know when there is bull feces being sold to me.

In another incident, on my graduation day, while I was waiting to go out to the ceremony, I pointed out to the teacher (a nice young, pretty blond I might add) that the poster which said “Unity through Diversity” was a contradiction.  She stared at it for a moment and I wonder if the gears in her head turned enough to come to an epiphany.  I would not know, though, since I lacked any concept of Game back then and did not bother to ask her out after that.  I mean, I was graduating, after all.

But this diversity nonsense has been pervasive as long as I can remember being in school.  It started when I was in Elementary school where we were taught about how we (as in a bunch of people who were supposed to be my ancestors) had cruelly and ruthlessly conquered and oppressed the American Indians (or Native Americans).  Never mind that most of our rivers, states, towns, and various other landmarks have been named after a variety of American Indian tribes (like Alabama).  In any case, they were driven off, but being a victim of the manifest destiny does not make me want to self-flagellate.  But that was the implied reaction that the overlords in the vast government-funded education system were trying to impose.  They moved on to segregation and the banana Republics later, but there was always the common theme in this so-called education: white people bad, all other people good.

Now it seems that this pointless and stupid experiment in diversity has started to come to a head:

Witnesses tell Newsradio 620 WTMJ and TODAY'S TMJ4 of a mob of young people attacking innocent fair-goers at the end of the opening night of State Fair, with some callers claiming a racially-charged scene.

Milwaukee Police confirmed there were assaults outside the fair.

Witnesses' accounts claim everything from dozens to hundreds of young black people beating white people as they left State Fair Thursday night.

Of course, you may have heard of this already.  However, most mainstream outlets are just calling the thugs “teenagers” and “youths” with no mention of the races of both the attackers and the victims.  Unfortunately, this is not the first incident, nor will it be the last.  There have been numerous incidents like this in the country lately and I dare say that President Obama’s election has some of the blame along with the economic depression.

Why would I write something like that?  Well, for one thing, with President Obama being black (well, he is half black but most people do not seem to notice, except for me and Christopher Titus), many blacks in areas of poverty are now feeling more and more empowered to attack white people.  This is largely because of the culture that has been fostered in those areas, with black liberation theology, an un-Christian theology of which our President was an adherent, to a government education system which teaches that white people are bad and non-white people are good.

Most poor black kids never had it so good these days.  Despite their neglectful parents being on welfare to some degree and having more disposable income than those of us who work hard (which is racially neutral, to a degree), they are told that they can amount to something big and that their crappy lives are the white man’s fault.  They have a lot of nice clothes, cell phones, music, movies, guns, decent drugs, and many other things that I do not even have (by choice though).  And so these kids believe themselves to be entitled to things that they are not entitled to.

And so we find bands of these kids, usually organized via Facebook or Twitter which they access using a Smartphone, roaming various areas and committing wanton acts of violence and theft.  The flash convenience store robberies are a great example of this, besides the mob thugs (if you look at many of those videos, I doubt you will see a white kid, although a wigger may appear from time to time).

Unfortunately, I believe these incidents to be the beginnings of a massive, cross-country racial war.  I hope that I am wrong, because I have no desire to hurt other people personally, nor do I bear animosity toward other people in general, especially race-based hostility.  But I am seriously considering getting lots of guns, ammo, and martial arts training in order to defend my life and property from thugs such as these.

That is probably a good idea.  I do not ever wish to start a fight, but I will finish it.