Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Mythical Fiscally Conservative Republicans

Recently, I was asked why I have directed by ire at the Republicans instead of the Democrats concerning the Debt Ceiling.  That is a good question and I know that it seems that I have been extremely critical of Republicans and mostly been withholding criticism from Democrats.

The truth is, I withhold my criticism of the Democrats largely because it is patently obvious that the Democrats are a bunch hypocritical, lying projectionists (not the PowerPoint kind) in just about everything they do.  If they call you a racist, most likely it is because they are racist themselves and believe that you think like they do.  If they say you hate women, this stems from their own misogyny.  The Democrat(ick) party has managed to portray themselves as high and mighty in these social areas while managing to get most people to believe that the Republican(‘t)s are not.  It is quite amazing and in my own way, I admire their superior marketing ability to portray themselves as the opposite of what they are.  Now that the social network has more and more people connected, this is largely being unraveled to the people who actually read what others say.  I personally have learned a lot from observing and about the opinions of others.

In these current debt ceiling dealings, the Democrats have not put forward a budget, as is Constitutionally required, and President Obama has no plan other than to depend on these continuing resolutions.  The Republicans have put forward several plans.  I personally liked Senator Rand Paul’s budget plan, however, nobody really voted for it, not even many of the Republican(‘t)s in the Senate.  The current popular plan, as proposed by the Republican(‘t)s, is the Cut, Cap, and Balance Act.  And while on paper it may seem like a good plan, I do not trust it.

The reason why I criticize the Republican(‘t) party more than the Democrat(ick) party is because the Republican(‘t) party often gets elected based on their conservative values, which usually include fiscal issues.  They are voted into office in order to cut spending, taxes, and the obsolete government programs which do not serve the interests of the American people anymore.  However, during the last two decades, they have done nothing of the sort, despite having almost absolute control over much of the Federal government during most of it.

Remember the Republican Contract with America?  How much of that was implemented?  As far as I can tell, none of what they promised in 1994 ever really came to pass, even when President George W. Bush had both Houses of Congress.  The bottom line is that history is against the Republican(‘t) Party when they claim to be for smaller government and reigning in on spending.

In essence, the Republican(‘t) party is lying constantly to their constituents and have failed to deliver any coherent conservative agenda, besides bombing Muslims and other assorted foreign enemies.  And since President Obama has added three more unconstitutional wars, largely to benefit foreign oil companies, I think he has taken that issue away from the warmongering elements.  So all the Republican(‘t) party has is fiscal issues and in this, they are failures.

I know that perfect is the enemy of the good, but I would argue that this is more like the lesser of two evils.  And keep in mind that the lesser of two evils is still evil.  The fact of the matter is, neither party wants to cut spending per se, just the spending on programs created by their opponent.  And that is the current state of politics in the United States these days.  It is not a question of who will cut spending, which is necessary for the future well-being of our nation, but who will cut what programs and redirect that money elsewhere.

One last thing:  I once asked a conservative if he would vote for a pro-life Statist or a pro-choice fiscal conservative.  He opted for big government pro-life guy, largely because he would not compromise on the abortion issue.  What you have to understand is that for me, the debt ceiling is an issue on which I do not compromise for the sake of getting things done.  For once, I would like to see that the government does not get things done and in fact stalls, sputters, and shuts down all unnecessary functions.  I do not care who does that or who is behind the government shutdown, I just want all the lazy tyrants who write the Second Set of Books to get fired and be forced to figure out a better, more productive function in society.

The only saving grace in this whole debt ceiling issue is that the Democrat(ick) leaders under the direction of President Obama have been holding up any solution through their conceit and stubbornness, of which I thank God for.  If the time limit is reached and the debt ceiling is not raised, then I will have to credit the Democrats for causing it, not the Republicans.

In the meantime, understand that I do not expect anything the Republicans say they will do to be certain, save for raising the debt ceiling.  Any proposals to cut, cap, and balance spending are to taken with a grain of salt and anyone who thinks otherwise is a foolish person deserving of flogging.