Monday, July 25, 2011

The Idiocy of Multiculturism and Open Borders

The tragic shooting of dozens of people in Norway by a slightly deranged murderer highlights the problems inherent in the Western civilizations these days.  The murderer’s apparent motive was one of anti-immigration, especially Islamic immigration, where he believed that Islam in incompatible with a secular Western civilization.  He also believed that the current government of Norway did not care about what the people believed on this issue, enough to resort to outright mass murder in what can only be described as a brilliant attack.

We should, however, look past the tragedy and analyze this murderer’s motives in the attack.  The victims of this crime would demand it of us if this person had been a Muslim executing a jihad attack.  The issue is the rise of diversity in the West and the tragic downfall of once sacred ideals as a result.  What was once held as a lofty ideal by a culture is suddenly drowned out by the competing cultures of other societies which creep into the existing society.

Multiculturism does not bring peoples from different societies together in peace and unity.  Instead, we have a series of competing cultures all looking to dominant one another for their own benefit.  The result is cultural conflict and, eventually, outright war.  This is especially true when you have Islamic radicals, who despise Western societies and values with a passion, free reign to declare their open hostility to the country they live in.  If Europe has any sense, they will begin a process of expelling any Islamist before they behead another relative of Van Gogh.

It is high time that the West looked at the nations who have maintained their society and history over the years without being overcome with foreign cultures.  Both Japan and China have largely kept their societal values over the centuries because they have largely been a closed culture.   While some people can make headway into those societies, you would be hard-pressed to bring many of the values of the West into Japan or China without considerable effort.

The open borders crowd seems to believe that American exceptionalism will win out on the incoming immigrants, provided we promote it.  But if the Afghans and Iraqis do not accept it under the barrel of a gun, how can we expect locals to accept it voluntarily?  More often than not, they will not accept it and instead combine their own values with their newly found freedom of speech.

This need not be a national phenomenon.  My aunt and uncle live in rural Pennsylvania where many “sophisticated” New York City people have decided to start retiring to.  Not a bad decision, since the property values were lower and the area is a lot quieter.  However, they have started to complain to the local county supervisors about the smell of manure that is rampant in the region, especially during the Spring.  And while I am sure that not all of them are complaining, there are enough to actually warrant attention.  It is patently absurd to think that you can live in a rural area and not be bothered by the smell of manure any more than it would be for me to live in downtown Harlem and not expect a great of harassment from the locals.  Yet these morons somehow think that there is no downside to living in a rural area.

Migrants never adapt local customs and values so long as there is a large enough group who migrate with them.  Instead, they retain their own values, customs, and languages while neglecting to learn the customs, values, and languages of their neighbors.  Eventually, radicals rise up within these communities who agitate them into conflict with the natives.  Right now in California, you will find a large group of Hispanic immigrates who want nothing more than to kick all the white people out and send them back to Plymouth.  It is a shame since white people, especially rich white people, are largely responsible for their jobs, which many of these activists will freely admit.

I can attest that the Hispanics who have come to my area are not exactly the kind of people you would want to be around.  The equivalent would be white trash really.  I have yet to see a Hispanic community who had any sense of how to take care of their own property, which is ironic considering how well they are landscaping.  Local elderly, white citizens often complain to the county supervisors (who do jack crap) about how there are five families packed into homes with trash on the the front yard.  The home next to my parents’ house has brown grass from some chemical spill (I can only assume) which they have yet to fix.  The backyard used to have a nice playground and shed but now has a rock garden, which is not all appealing.  I wish I could say that these are isolated incidents, but this kind of thing happens all over.

I really hope that there is no violence or race war of any kind.  I hope that each and every community can find a way to coexist along some kind of implied agreement.  Unfortunately, given the escalation of anti-white, anti-West rhetoric in the Black, Hispanic, and Islamic communities in the West (along with a few others), I see nothing but violence and conflict up ahead, especially during this depression.

For those of us looking to protect ourselves from such hatred, we need to keep in mind what happened to the various American Indian tribes and how mass migration affected them.  Isolationism looks more and more appealing every day as far as I am concerned.