Monday, August 3, 2009

Reasonable Doubt

The one thing that always allow for juries to render a not guilty verdict in a criminal trial is the presence of reasonable doubt.  That is, the prosecution failed to produce enough evidence that allowed for a conviction.  Reasonable doubt does not mean that the jury believed there was some wide ranging conspiracy behind the brutal slayings of prostitutes instead of the man the police caught with one his victim’s heart in her freezer.
In the case of the eligibility of President Barack Obama, he has yet to disprove reasonable doubt.  I say this because he has failed to produce legitimate documentation that he is, in fact, a natural born citizen.  Yes, there has been a certificate of live birth that has been release, but this is the short form and apparently it is very easy for foreign born nationals to obtain one.  Also, the “birthers'” are looking for the original document from when Obama was born back in 1961 and basing his legitimacy as President based on Hawai’i state law in that time period.
The facts are these.  John McCain’s own eligibility was seriously questioned because he was apparently born in Panama and that has some bearing on being a natural born citizen.  President Obama was not given the same scrutiny by the people who investigated John McCain, probably because it was a committee of primarily Democrats who wanted to win at all costs.  That last part is pure speculation, but given the current political climate where integrity and honor mean nothing to politicians in Washington D.C., I have to assume that there was a malicious intent on not taking the United States Constitution was not taken seriously.
A soldier, Col. Louis B. Wingate, filed suit claiming that he was not allowed to follow deployment orders from an illegitimate President.  Indeed, he made a compelling case and the Department of Defense actually canceled his deployment orders.  This is significant because if President Obama was legitimate, the soldier would not have had a case.  But instead of producing the necessary paperwork in the face of a lawsuit, backed down.  That reserve soldier then lost his job at a defense contracting firm, probably in retaliation for daring to question the legitimacy of the chain of command.  The military can be a little nuts about order and discipline sometimes to their own detriment.
For me, the question of Barack Obama’s eligibility is a serious one.  I believe he is probably a natural born citizen and therefore a legitimate President, however, the actions above cause me to acquire reasonable doubt as to the nature of his legitimacy.  Any reasonable person could easily see that.  I know that the reporting on World Net Daily has at times a little wacky, but for the most part I respect Joseph Farah and he seems to have something that most other newspaper editors lack: integrity.  I do not trust mainstream publications largely because they have done their best in the past to endanger our country and many of them should have been locked up for treason a long time ago.  I do not say this lightly, but when they leak information about how the government is monitoring terrorist activities, that is tantamount to aiding the enemy in my mind.  In any case, I have yet to see World Net Daily purposely endanger the lives of Americans for simple ratings.
The more I read about this issue and the more I hear about, I wonder if Barack Obama is in actuality a Kenyan national.  Given the circumstances of his birth and his childhood, he could easily have been passed off as a natural born citizen simply because most people do not require the long-form documentation for things like school registration.  I do not have to show my driver’s license when I go to vote, even though it is a more legitimate proof of identification than my voter registration card.  So it is perfectly reasonable to assume that anyone could pass off a foreign national as a natural born citizen of the United States given what we know.
But the issue is a serious one.  For all the illegitimate legislation that has been passed through Congress over the last century and a half or so, never once have we ever had a person in high political office who did not meet the simple, basic requirements as outlined in the United States Constitution.  I dare say that this would probably be the final nail in the coffin of a free nation if it turns out that President Barack Obama was not a legitimate president all along and he still keeps office because the bureaucracy and the Congress refuses to remove him.  This is why the issue is so serious to me.  A serious investigation into the matter is required because it is the right thing to do.