Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How Can One Be Christian and Libertarian?

Many Christian conservatives are dumbfounded and often times offended by people who are Christian and libertarian.  I encounter those kind of people a lot on discussion forums where I am accused of being a liberal because I support drug legalization, gambling legalization, and other such social ills.  What they fail to recognize is that I support such things because I wish to see spiritual illnesses such as those handled more by the church rather than the government.  It is very hard to evangelize to people who are in prison, especially when you support the very reason they are there in the first place.  Not that there are not better Christians in prison right now than many of us on the outside.
But one of my major reasons for supporting the libertarian movement is largely because of the major enemy of western Christians.  The days are long gone where Christians have to face the rising Muslim hoards, at least in the United States.  While they are still a major power, the vast majority of Muslims feel no need to make jihad against the Christians except for a small percentage (though that percentage does account for millions of people).  However, these men are of no serious threat to Christianity in the West these days.
The major enemy of Western Christianity is secular humanism or humanism in general.  Its doctrine is one that is completely counter to the Christian doctrine and faith and its ideas permeate throughout the Western world so much that I doubt the average Christian could recognize it.  I remember one day when my wife was watching Opera and there were a couple of guests talking about how all the world’s problems come through scarcity and lack and that they have peace in themselves.  Once I heard such nonsense, I demanded my wife turn off the television because such ideas are very much anti-Christian and I will not have such ideas taint my wife.  She was shocked as to why I was so demanding, because I usually am very tolerant of stupid ideas, but this time I wanted her to understand that such things need to be ignored.  Peace comes only from God.  In Him there is true peace from our own sin.  And the world is tainted because of our own sin, not because of scarcity.  Remember that economics is the study of the use of scarce resources that have alternative uses.  If we were without sin, even in this finite, material world, scarcity would not be a problem.
Secular humanism is the primary ideology that drives all levels of government these days.  There is good reason for this, you see, because without a large, oppressive government, secular humanists look like fools.  In fact, if you look at all the movements that sought out the destruction of Christianity, you will find one constant in all of them: a call for an ever larger government.  Secular humanists are no exception, combining various ideas into their own doctrine and seeking power to implement them through whatever means necessary.  Naturalism, the belief that the material world can only be observed through science, is a large part of their belief system.  The progressive movement of the turn of the century was largely a secular humanist movement, although I do not think it was called such back then.
The environmental movement can easily be traced back to the secular humanist movement because the basic tenets of the former state the man is nothing more than an animal that destroys the “balance” of the environment.  A large part of the Democrat leadership are secular humanists and their ideology is driven by it.  The entertainment culture is largely secular humanist and they have little regard for the fundamental teachings of Jesus.  University professors, science fiction authors, the list goes on and on about how many people in our society directly or indirectly are influenced by secular humanism and it shows in their works.
They are the ultimate enemy of Western Christianity.  It is through their “enlightened” ideas that we have brought calamities like Islamic Fascism on our doorsteps, 40 million babies killed off without a chance, and so many other social ills.  But their support structure is largely dependent on big government.  When you fight for smaller government, you fight not only for freedom, but for Christianity.
Christians need to recognize their true enemy of the West.  It is not foreign Islamic invaders who have yet to mount a sufficient force to oppose us.  It is not the foreign remnants of the Communists, although they probably fund and support them.  It is the secular humanist who seeks to turn the rest of us into nothing more than animals to be used from cradle to grave for their own purposes.
If you need any information on how these people think, read C.S. Lewis’ That Hideous Strength and you will see exactly how these people think.