Monday, July 6, 2009

And So Another One Leaves…

After George Allen was defeated back in 2006, it looks like the conservative movement has lost another potential candidate for President.  With Sarah Palin resigning, it looks like there will not be a next Ronald Reagan.

But I am perfectly fine with all that.  Sarah Palin was attacked by the Democrat Attack Machine (DAM) so much that she was ultimately just tired of it all.  That is what I got from her speech.  And you know what?  Good for her leaving public office and moving on to private life.  I do not know, or pretend to know, if she ever plans on re-entering the politics.  If I were her, I would not bother.

Conservatism is really more of a lifestyle than a political movement.  The reason that most politicians are not conservative is because conservatives are too busy looking out for themselves and working to provide themselves with a better life.  There is nothing inherently wrong with this, as even the Apostle Paul said that those who do not take care of their own household are worse than a non-believer.  But it does leave our selections of politicians to be pretty thin.

Sarah Palin has effectively removed herself from the conflict.  Whatever the reasons are, she is gone and I doubt she will coming back.  You conservatives who absolutely love her need to keep that in mind.  She is done.

This is most certainly a victory for the DAM.  They spent lots of money and effort to try and get her booted out of office in disgrace.  Not only that, but they made sure that popular entertainers were able to talk about how her kids were raped by professional ball-players and how her youngest son is really her grandson.  In spite of all this, she still managed to keep a calm demeanor and to not publically denounce or name-call.  She was not reduced to their level.

But it is a battle lost.  And a large reason why the battle was lost is because the Republican party did NOTHING to defend her.  She has half a million in legal bills fighting to keep her reputation and dignity intact.  The state of Alaska spent 2 million to do so as well.  I did not hear her mention that the Republican party contributed to her own legal defense.  Nor do I know of the existence of a RAM (Republican Attack Machine) organization, save for a few individuals in talk radio and on the Internet.

The Republican party despises conservatives like Sarah Palin and that is why they did not lift a finger to help her.  They blame her for John McCain’s lose when in reality, McCain would have lost like McGovern did to Nixon if he had not picked Sarah Palin.  The top two reasons for conservatives voting for John McCain were abortion and Sarah Palin.  That probably made up about 95% of the conservative vote that went for John McCain.  Afterwards, McCain allowed his cohorts to attack her and this signaled the DAM to proceed forward without interference.  So now, today, we have a mother of five whose family is probably in shambles and who political career is over, not due to any scandal, but merely the lack of one.  It is the old seriousness of the charge attitude that is so pervasive among the DAM.

This is the enemy that we all face.  The DAM destroys families, reputations, national security, and so much more all for the sake of getting a Democrat in some kind of office.  They must be destroyed at all costs if we are ever going to preserve America.  Unfortunately, voting for Republican candidates does not cut it.  They have no interest in fighting the DAM, but merely compromising with it.  But when you compromise with evil, evil will always come out on top.

Good look to Governor Palin.  I really hope her family prospers even more than they do already and I wish her nothing but the best.