Monday, February 9, 2009

Stimulus For Hookers

Well, it looks like the stimulus bill will pass. Being a libertarian, I'm sure you would know where I stand on the issue.

But here's a shocker: I don't care if it passes. I mean, sure I would be glad if it didn't but honestly, I don't think it will help me in anyway whatsoever. Yes, that is a selfish thing to say, but really, why does my selfishness take a back door to another's? Is is because they are poorer then me? Or because they own a business? Or because they are community activists?

The fact is this bill will do nothing more than send U.S. taxpayer dollars to all the people who helped Obama get elected. There's more pork and bad economic policies in it than anything else and very little good will come of it.

As for the rising unemployment (about 500 million last month according to a reliable source), I don't care about that. It just means that jobs get in more demand as the labor supply goes down. Ultimately, those of us who are hard-working and competent will finally get the raises we deserve. Seriously, you know those idiots who work at help desks and in the "service" industry designed to help you with a billing problem or shipping problem? Those people are getting fired (or, at least, one would hope). And rightly so. There is nothing more annoying than to be lectured to by some idiot over the phone who has a lower IQ than your dog. Good riddance I say.

In any case, Obama's "plan" won't bring jobs for those people. Only hard work and determination to do better with one's life can. If there are no opportunities for you, you can either make your own, humble yourself and work menial labor, or sulk about it until your bank or landlord comes and kicks you out of your shelter. Just keep in mind that pizza boxes in dumpsters are great sources of cheese when that happens (and every once in a while, pepperoni).

You know how it's said that the bigger they are, the harder they fall? Well Obama is probably the biggest thing around in national politics right now.

Popcorn anyone?