Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Losers and Bums

In case you've missed it, Obama met with some people who were in what they considered to be dire living conditions. They asked him questions about what he can do to improve their lives.

The homeless woman living in her car was a real tear jerker for most. But not for me. How many single women in America are making it? I know it's tough and it sucks but honestly, if these women can provide food, clothing, and shelter to their brats, why can't this one? I know her situation is probably unique, as all of ours is, but seriously give me a break.

I was really disgusted though by the young "college" student who had been working at McDonald's for the past four years and wanted better benefits. And he wanted the force of government to be his bulldog. That guy is a total loser and frankly I hope he doesn't have sex and further pollute our society.

These people are, by the way, the true foundation of the Democratic party now. They weren't always. A century ago, these people would have been helped by private charity, in the case of the woman, and considered to be a loser, as in the case of the McDonald's worker.

Both of these people are what represents what is wrong with America. In my life, I will work whatever job I can that would provide for me and my family. I will not accept being normal and I will not accept that I will be a failure like these bums and losers.