Friday, November 7, 2008

Return to Righteousness America

My pastor mentioned to me while we met last Saturday that a man who performed mission work said that Christianity faces four problems in the world these days: Communism, Islam, Buddhism, and Materialism.

In the United States, our biggest competitor to Christianity is Materialism. And I firmly believe that the credit card (and other unsecured debt) is the symbol of this.

If you are a Christian and you have a credit card, then you are a fool. How can you possibly evangelize to your fellow man when your life isn't all that much better. If materialism truly is the failing of the United States, then the best to evangelize is to offering financial hope as well as spiritual. The best way to convert is to bring them before God. And if you live a life free from debt, then people will ask you and you can respond, "I don't believe in debt because my Lord Jesus has called me to owe nothing but a debt of love."