Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Why Conservatism Loses in '08

Yes, I'm a little bitter about Ron Paul losing the Republican primaries. Still, you have to admit he did a lot better than others like him in the past. In some states, he even hit double digits, although he never got better than 11% (I didn't follow the events, just the candidates and picked one). So I am a little peeved that the Republican voters couldn't pick a conservative candidate and instead picked a "winning" candidate.

I'm sure that there are a lot of folks who picked Mitt Romney or John McCain in the primaries and now regret their decision. John McCain is behind in the polls, largely because of his stupid support of the Wall Street bailout (seriously, John, that was a dumb move) with some big-eared hatemonger about to be elected into office. Now that was a smart move there Republican voters.

But the real reason that conservatism loses this year is because neither "frontrunner" is the slightest conservative. Sure John McCain has some conservative values, such as abortion and, um, well abortion. But he is the furthest thing from conservative as I am from being a woman. And sure, I could stuff a bra and tuck my penis between my legs, but I'm still a man. A weird, awkward man, but a man nonetheless.

John McCain isn't a conservative by any stretch of the imagination. That's why he picked Sarah Palin. She is moderately conservative, as far as I can tell, but she is also easily manipulated. I also am wondering if the remaining conservatives who still are voting Republican are voting for Sarah Palin or John McCain or simply against Barack Obama. In any case, I doubt that most intelligent conservatives are voting for John McCain, they are probably either voting against Barack Obama or for Sarah Palin.

I have to admit I am tempted to vote for McCain when I hear about Barack Obama or when I hear about John McCain's health care plan, which really isn't Socialism like Obama's is. But I have to remind myself that John McCain lacks the honor and integrity of George W. Bush. I say this because George W. Bush, as far as I know, never lied in his campaigns about what he was going to try and do. He told everyone he was going to add a prescription drug plan to Medicare and he did. This wasn't a conservative campaign promise, but he kept his word. John McCain doesn't have that handicap when it comes to campaign promises.

I know I've said it before, I won't be voting Republican or Democrat this year. I will probably write in Amit Singh for Congress (Virginia's 8th district) because Mark Ellmore sucked in 2006 and I have good reason to believe that he'll suck this year as well. He isn't even running campaign ads about how Jim Moran voted for the bailout. With a campaign like that, he deserves a 3-to-1 lose like he suffered back in 2006. And don't get me started on Jim Gilmore versus Mark Warner. I'm pretty sure most people will confuse Mark Warner with John Warner and vote Democrat accidentally anyway. In fact, I am expecting a huge Democrat upset this year in Congress. But I do hope that other conservatives will join up and not vote for either as well.

You see, regardless of how bad Obama is, he's merely a puppet. He hasn't had an independent thought about politics in his entire life. He had to have Bill Ayers write his autobiography (which is odd to write when you are only 30ish anyway). He regularly attends a church that focuses not on the love of Jesus, but on receiving an emotional high by hating America and whitey. So Obama, for all his radicalism, will be nothing more than a puppet for Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and anyone else who has strong influence within the Democrat party.

Things are going to be bad either way anyway. I doubt either man could "fix" the economy any more than you or I could. And I doubt that either man will cut spending (and I mean cut spending, not slow the growth of government). And this, my friends, is the true heart of conservatism. You cannot have limited government with a 3+ trillion dollar budget each year. That is a huge paradox of logic.

So I'm not hopeful for the next four years. I actually want Barack Obama in office, so that liberalism can run amok and ruin this nation just enough so that everyone in America will say, "Never again." But then again, I feel like we are behaving like the Israelites during the time of Judges when God decided that because Israel did evil in His eyes, he would send raiders and conquerers to remind them of who He is.