Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The One Thing

This year's Presidential race has been a huge disappointment so far. On the Republican side, we could have had a good conservative nominee, but we ended up with John McCain, who is anything but conservative. The mere fact that he was considering running with a Democrat demonstrates just how out of touch he is with the Republican conservatives and the party itself. And really, I'm just bored with the Democratic race. Rush Limbaugh made it interesting for a week or two but it has come down to understanding that he's a racist jerkface and she's an ugly bitch. Good luck picking your nominee superdelegates. I noticed that one of your number has a tendency to make false accusations to the police and get children taken away from their parents.

But anyway, there is one good thing that will come out of McCain's nomination. That is, it will allow us regular, common conservatives a chance to sort out the sheep from the goats, so to speak, among the many prominent "conservative" pundits. I am already seeing it happen on many prominent commentary sections of the web. In Townhall.com, for instance, I'm already seeing Republican party shills try and convince us that John McCain is better than Barak Obama or Hilary Clinton. Sorry, but I have yet to be convinced of anything of the sort.

This is not a endorsement or denouncement of John McCain. I don't believe he is conservative and therefore, I think it is a bit refreshing to watch as various so-called "conservative" pundits tow the Republican party line. I am 26 years old and I'm tired of towing the party line. I did for 6 years and was disheartened when the Republican party didn't understand why they lost Congress in 2006. I voted Republican then but was secretly hoping for a loss so that they'd understand how upset I was with them. They haven't learned their lesson, judging from what happened to the Republican candidates. Not only were good conservative candidates like Ron Paul or Duncan Hunter marginalized, the ones who claimed they were conservative clearly weren't.

So it will be interesting to read up on what columnists are saying. I will say that just because a columnists or radio show host or TV show host doesn't bash John McCain, that they aren't necessarily for him. Only the ones who sing praises about how he will be better for America then Hilary or Barak should be outed as Republican shills. John McCain is no different on pretty much all key issues than Clinton or Obama and his voting record in the Senate shows it.

So, the only real reason I will be following the election is to identify those Republican shills and those who are true conservatives. I may even start a list as I go through some of them. But please, I ask that everyone not vote for the Republican because he's not the Democrat this year. It's high time we call the Republicans on their own stupidity and if a Congressional election doesn't do it, then a Presidential one will.

So far, it looks like Jack Kemp is the biggest shill. We'll see how many more come out of the woodwork later.