Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Cake is for Looking, Not Eating Miss Ingraham

Recently, conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham announced that she had successfully adopted a orphan from Guatemala. How sweet. Just one problem: Miss Ingraham is a 'Miss' after all.

Now look, I'm not here railing against single parenthood, especially when it can't be helped. But when it can be helped, it is better not to do it. It's not that I don't believe the child won't have a better life here or that the child wouldn't be raised in a moral household. I have no illusions of Miss Ingraham's morals or integrity. Nor do I think that she doesn't have the means to raise a child. I am almost certain that the child will be well taken care of.

But that does not mean that the child's needs will be met. God made us man and woman. Miss Ingraham knows this. There's a reason that He created us to have a family structure in that manner. Why did the nation of Israel prosper before they were overtaken by the Assyrians and Chaldeans? Could it have something to do with the strict rules on family that were put in place by God?

Likewise, why did Europe prosper through the middle ages and on to modern times? It wasn't because white people are a better race, it was because of a solid family structure in place. I do not think Europe would have been as advanced as it is today without that. And with one generation of debauchery and sin, the continent is being overrun by foreign Muslims who hate them all.

My point is that Miss Ingraham has been out there fighting the good fight against the decaying culture in the United States. I fully support many of her efforts (those that don't involve government coercion anyway) and I agree that the entertainment culture needs to change big time. But by her actions, I believe that she is, essentially, contributing to the other side of the culture war. Without a father figure in that child's life, who knows what damage she could cause.

More importantly, I do not believe that this a benevolent act on her part. I think she came about this through a selfish decision. Most cancer survivors get a new car or something else when they beat it. She went out and got a child. That is what I am seeing and I do not like it at all. Too many child are brought into this world because of selfish and uncaring parents. While I applaud her ability to circumvent the obvious sinful implications of obtaining her own child, I think she's missed out on the spirit of the Law rather than the letter of it.

Look, I am not saying that a two parent household with a mom and a dad would be a perfect situation. Far from it. I am saying that as Christians, we have a responsibility to try meet that standard as best we can. Spouses die, parents get divorced, singles make "mistakes." And often times, those are situations that can't be helped. But Miss Ingraham spent two years of her life trying to adopt this child, most likely keeping her listeners in the dark (well, that's my impression, but I could very well be 100% wrong on that fact since I don't listen to her show all the time).

I am a young married man myself. My wife already has told me she wants a baby. But I have told her that I don't want one yet because she won't be able to stay home to take care of the child. More than wanting a child, my wife wants to raise a child as well. But we aren't ready for that yet. And as much as I do find myself wanting a child, I recognize the responsibility of being a parent and that being a mature adult involves having the discipline to do what is needed to make way for what you want.

I don't think Miss Ingraham recognized this at this time. But I could be totally wrong on this account. This adoption could be God's Will for all I know and who am I to stand in His way. There isn't much that can be done now anyway. The adoption is final and I'm sure she's already got everything taken care of as best she can. I guess all that can be done is to pray that the child grows up to become a fully functioning and responsible adult. I suppose that's what every parent wants.

Happy Mother's Day Miss Ingraham.