Monday, February 4, 2008

The "Super Tuesday" Runnings

While every other asshole with a blog out there has been expressing their opinions on the various candidates, this asshole has yet to talk about all the frontrunner candidates:

Hilary Rodham-Clinton. Where to begin? I will start off by saying that she is a crazy, controlling bitch and this is not a good combination for someone with their finger on a nuclear trigger. If you thought that George W. Bush was trigger happy, try a menopausal, mentally unbalanced woman with something to prove. Also, her proposed policies are nothing more than a grab-bag giveaway of taxpayer dollars to people who don't produce anything good for society but vote anyway. If you think FDR's New Deal was utter trash (and it was), then wait for Hilary Clinton's New Deal.

Barak Hussein Obama. This guy reminds of the pointy-haired boss on Dilbert. He constantly spouts out slogans and inspiring phrases but lacks a coherent plan for "change" or "unity." What's more, seeing as how he is inexperienced on the national level, he will be nothing more than a puppet for the DNC, which will probably be run by Hilary Clinton. If it isn't run by Hilary Clinton, then expect a whole lot of nothing from him if he becomes President, a lot like his slogans.

Mitt Romney. I gotta say, this guy seems like a nice guy. But seeing as how he is a politician, that makes him more dangerous than normal. Apparently, he's changed his opinion more than once on many key issues in a very short about of time, which all happened to coincide with elections. I get the feeling that if this guy was elected, he'd demonstrate no leadership in Congress, much like George W. Bush, and no fiscal discipline, much like George W. Bush. In short, this guy would be another George W. Bush, only with a Mormon twist and a more refined sounding accent. Another thing that makes this guy a George W. Bush clone is the fact that he's currently supported by many right-wing talk radio show hosts and columnists. I recall Rush Limbaugh saying that George W. Bush would be "more conservative" than his father. I wonder if he will say the same thing about Romney, should he win the nomination.

John McCain. The mere fact that the conventional media (including FauxNews) supports this guy, through praise and adoration, tells me that he's trouble. He was a POW in Vietnam, if you could really call captured soldiers that in a country that doesn't follow the Geneva Conventions, and while I do find his strength commendable, I am wary of the damage done. While I do not believe that he would be a Manchurian-like candidate (see the original movie), being a prisoner in a torture camp really takes its toll. Do we really need a President who has to undergo routine therapy sessions to cope with his own personal demons he acquired due to his imprisonment? If this man were to come to power, who knows what mental illnesses might arise due to the sudden onset of heightened responsibility?

Mike Huckabee. A former preacher and now a governor. I've always believed that there was a fine line between preacher, politician, and used car salesman. At least with used car salesman, you know exactly who you are dealing with. While Huckabee has supported the FairTax and is a very charismatic and effective debater, he still poses a serious danger. Sure he's pro-life, but he is also pro-government. Frankly, I enjoy eating trans fat from time to time and I also enjoy not having the government constantly on my case about something. And keep in mind that the last time Christians played identity politics, we got Jimmy Carter for President. Fortunately, Carter was a Democrat and it was far easier for a conservative to take over the Republican party then. Imagine the damage that would remain if we got a leftist Republican in office?

Rudy Guliani. The original frontrunner has now gone the way of Howard Dean. While he came out strong, with the endorsement of Sean Hannity, he dwindle almost as fast. I have to say, though, I do like this man and I do believe that he would be a competent leader and effective President. But he would still be left-of-center in his policies and would probably prevent me from buying a gun to defend my wife from a crazed illegal Mexican looking to mug and/or rape her. In a situation like that, you cannot wait for police and knives are no good unless you are a skilled knife-fighter.

Ron Paul. This guy is a frontrunner, despite what the media will tell you. He has gotten more votes than Guliani and Guliani is still featured prominently. The fact that Dr. Paul is largely ignored by the conventional media means that he's a danger to all those who believe that government is what makes this country great. He does, however, have some wacky ideas about Islamic radicals and who is to blame for the second World Trade Center attacks (aka "9/11" attacks). While I disagree with him on that issue, I think that the trade off he would give in terms of smaller government and less taxes is well worth it for people like me (young people). He also lacks executive experience (as does McCain and Obama) and this is also a grave concern. If the American people were able to vote more Ron Paul-types into Congress, I think we would have a much better America. While I support his candidacy, mainly to make the rest of the Republicans more conservative, I have no illusions about the certainty of his success.

So there it is. There is no perfect candidate. But I will not compromise my ideals. I may just skip over the Presidential election and vote on Congress-members in November or write-in someone's name. Either way, the end result will be same. We'll probably get another big-government President who doesn't care that your tax dollars are going to stupid bridges and not to protecting our borders against Mexican criminals or Islamic fanatics. But that's probably the America that the American people want now. Eventually, when you have your cake and eat it too, you get too fat and die of heart disease.