Friday, February 1, 2008

A Challenge For Right Wing Talk Radio

Given that no one reads this blog, I've decided to issue out a challenge out to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Neal Boortz, Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin, (possibly) Michael Savage, and all the others. My challenge is just straight answers to two simple questions:

1) If we were to leave Iraq, that is get all of our troops out of there, right now, would the country really fall into violence and civil war? I ask this because I believe that our mission is over now. We have secured that country almost entirely from terrorism and I don't hear of terror attacks on United States troops now. I know this was part of the surge, but don't you think that the surge has worked, the country is secure, and we have won?

2) How can we fight terrorism abroad when we have two borders that are open and not secure? I keep on hearing about how we are fighting terrorism overseas, but I don't see anyone making the simple connection that with an open border, any overseas operation is foolish.

This is a simple challenge. As a sovereign nation, maybe it's time we stepped back and let the rest of the world fix itself. Spreading economic freedom is the only sure way to secure freedom and prosperity in any nation. Or have you all forgotten that?

In any case, if the answers are rational and are convincing enough, I will withdraw my support for Ron Paul and vote for any faux conservative that you talk show hosts prop up and lie about being conservative. Otherwise, I will just write-in someone's name for President because I cannot, in good conscience, vote for a President who will not cut spending (and I mean cut spending, not slow the growth of spending) and who will continue to send billions of dollars overseas in foreign aid to nations that don't deserve it (like Palestine).

If you fail the challenge, then you will have to either support Ron Paul or simply admit that the current Republican candidates besides Ron Paul are not conservative and that we shouldn't bother to vote for them. In all honesty, there would be no difference between a liberal Republican or a liberal Democrat in office.

Just leave your comments on this blog or e-mail me. Heck, if you can find my address (I've left enough information on my profile) you can mail it to me.

I doubt I'll hear from anyone because no one really reads this blog. But I am a listener of right-wing talk radio. I know I'm just one person in a million, but I'm not convinced. Convince me. Challenge yourself for once rather then blather on about how the media support Democrats or how Republicans are more honest then Democrats. Actually change the tone for a change.