Friday, January 18, 2008

Welcome To The Fourth Reich

It seems that there was an elderly woman in Iowa who refused a judge's order to undergo psychiatric evaluations and possibly take psychotropic drugs. What was her crime? Counseling women who were making their way to an abortion clinic. She was trying to council them to not go through with the abortion and thus avoid the murder they were about to commit.

So this women was arrested for harrassment and disorderly conduct. She was convicted and the Johnson County Magistrate Karen Edgerton decided that this woman was mentally deranged. I guess this feminist (er, wymenist) judge felt that this woman was a traitor to her gender (in the old days, we called "gender" "sex") and that she needed to be evaluated mentally.

This is what it's coming too. The government is your morality. They will impose the morality pre-described by judges on the populace for your own good. If you refuse, you will be jailed and forced to undergo psychiatric care. You will be drugged into submission, if you cannot be beaten into submission.

I'm sorry, but the blame for this situation lies on the American people as a whole. For too long, we have believed that morality comes from the government and not from God. Social conservatives and secular liberals alike always look to the government for moral leadership and yet, no politician is the embodiment of morality. There was only one perfect man and He has ascended into Heaven.

So please, spare me the details of how government must be the authority on morality. It is not. They should only have laws that protect individual's life, liberty, and property from being taken away by force or fraud. Beyond that, the government needs to let God's people spread His Word and establish morality in this nation without government intervention or mandate.

In this case, we are seeing the beginning of the new thought police and they have already infiltrated our government. They are oppressing Christians all over the place, although they have yet to outright kill any. Christians who profess abortion and homosexuality to be sins are now going to be considered mentally deranged by the U.S. Courts and they will be re-educated.

I applaud this woman in her courage and her determination to not be brainwashed and to be allowed to freely take the side she has chosen. You don't have to agree with it, but this the United States and not Saudi Arabia where little girls are burned alive because they don't wear head scarfs.

I am mindful of my freedom and I mourn the beginnings of government imposed fascism all over the country. From President Bush wanting to join up with Canada and Mexico, to this judge wanting to reprogram an elderly woman, we are seeing our nation's identity as a beacon of hope and freedom diminished.

I just hope that in my lifetime we are able to turn the tide and crush our enemies.