Thursday, January 17, 2008

Neal Boortz's Hypocrisy

Now, I am a big fan of Neal Boortz. He is aggressively honest when it comes to all of his discussion topics and he doesn't hold back any verbal punches when it comes to idiots (he once demanded to know why a female caller was poor). He is probably one of the best talk radio show hosts in the country.

But I have to call him on something. Something I think he has missed entirely. Neal Boortz is a libertarian, at least for the most part. He does regard the war on Islamic crazy head choppers as more important than other principles. He also is a big supporter of the FairTax plan. He has written two books on it (the second to be published in February of this year) and is always willing to talk about the plan on his radio show (unless you are going to claim that it is a 30% tax and not a 23% inclusive tax).

Because of his support for the FairTax, he has been sending praises toward Republican candidate Mike Huckabee. This is totally understandable. Because of his support of the War on Islamic Child Murderers, he will not endorse Ron Paul, the much more libertarian candidate. That's fine. I'm OK with his reasoning even if I don't agree with him.

There's just one problem with this who scenario. He keeps on mentioning how Ron Paul will not fight the war on Islamic Sky Mask Bandits but has said last year on Hannity and Colmes that the teacher's unions are much more of a threat to this nation than Islamic Suicide "Martyrs." I've with him so far. But, his darling Mike Huckabee has been endorsed by the New Hampshire chapter of the NEA.

So he won't endorse Ron Paul because he won't support the war on Islamic Rug Munchers but he will endorse Mike Huckabee because of his support of the FairTax, even though Huckabee has been endorsed by a teacher's union.

Mr. Boortz, with all due respect, what the hell? I'm not asking for his support of Ron Paul here. Just a little consistency.