Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Paul Colman gets it

I had a good Christmas break over the past couple of weeks. I got to let my mind forget about the troubles of the world and enjoy time with my extended families. My wife got me Paul Colman's album Let It Go. He's a Christian songwriter and he's really good at it. He's also probably one of the most underrated Christian song artists out there (my wife couldn't find the CD at Family Christian Bookstores). Anyway, his last track on this album was really powerful and had a very good message. It's called My Brother Jack and the lyrics go:

We got into the car with the true believers
We could tell they were by the words they spoke
They were talking of Jesus and all He was doing
They were sharing their favourites from the Holy Book
And I was with them every step of the way
'Cause I'm a believer saved by grace
And they didn't know in the back seat was my brother Jack

We travelled on the 2 hour Journey
Singing along to gospel radio
The my brother Jack quite unexpected said
"Do you mind if I listen to my favourite band?"
And maybe it was when the singer let out a word
Four syllables long and not ever heard
In their church circles
That the believer's attacked

How could you play music that evil?
How could you speak of someone's mother like that?
Whatever is pure, whatever is holy
We think on these things "so here's your record back!"
And maybe it was just 'cause we arrived at the place
My fellow believer's didn't see his face
But red was the anger all over my brother Jack

Well I pulled then aside just before our performance
And told them the story of my brother Jack
He's not a believer but one who is searching
And I told him that Jesus loves him where he's at
And when I was speaking well suddenly I
Wondered if we, really knew why
Millions of people felt like my brother Jack
They've come to our churches and there not coming back
Please God save our souls
And my sweet brother Jack

Talk about being a Pharisee. I thought this one song speaks volumes to how various Christian groups and churches have become exclusive and legalistic. Granted as Christians, we should hold each other to a higher standard, but not other people.

I've written some vulgarities in my previous blog and I meant every word of what I said. And yet, there are many Christians (and probably none who blog or read blogs) who will not examine the content of what I've written and be utterly offended by the vulgarities I've written. These kind of attitudes need to go back to Hell where they belong.