Friday, January 4, 2008

No surprises in Iowa

Well, there was one surprise and that is that Ron Paul got double digit percentage support (barely). And while I am a Ron Paul supporter, I am not in denial about the general voting public. While I know that most Republicans tend to be strong, intelligent voters, they still have a sheeple mentality. Still, given the candidate selection on the Republican side, Huckabee was probably a much better choice then Romney, Guiliani, McCain, or Thompson. He will probably be just another George W. Bush lite though in the end, assuming he wins the nomination and the presidential election. And he probably will win the presidential election, provided he gets the nomination, because he is one of only two governor frontrunners on both sides and governors always do better running for President then Senators or Congressmen (except for JFK, although that election may have been rigged).

Ron Paul would make a great choice for Vice President I think. He would make Huckabee's campaign more conservative and would set him up for a more successful Presidential run in the future. Richard Nixon was a Congressman until Ike made him Vice President. The only problem is Ron Paul's age, but I don't think that would be too much of a problem.

In any case, that's all just wishful thinking. Iowa is a sample of things to come. Huckabee looks set to win the nomination, although we have 49 primaries and caucuses to go (I think). Frankly, the only good thing that Huckabee has going for him right now is his support of the FairTax. With the bully pulpit, such legislation is sure to pass, provided there is enough outcry from the general public for it. And frankly such reform is desperately needed in this country.

On the Democrat side, Obama won, but this was reflected in the polls anyway. The Clintons had not expected to win in Iowa so the wicked witch of Arkansas may still win. It would be interesting to see the former first lady of Arkansas butt heads with the current governor of Arkansas. Lewis Black had something to say about Presidential candidates from Arkansas...

Anyway, we've still got a couple of months to go before the long, drawn out debates and campaigning of the candidates begins and the inevitable election in November.