Tuesday, September 27, 2022


Our country is on the cusp of a massive shift in power and culture.  The endgame is not certain, but war is on the horizon now.  Whether this truly is a massive war or fades out much like the previous horseman of pestilence did, that remains to be seen.

At some point, we lost our way.  Our nation decided to upend all of its core values because of some farcical notions of freedom and liberty.

We have freedom now.  Freedom from children.  Freedom from reason.  Freedom from faith.  Freedom from God.

But we don’t have the freedom to say what we want.  I guess technically we do, but the consequences of that freedom makes us prisoners.  And when we try to break out, the consequences could leave us without a voice or without a means to sustain ourselves.

We have the freedom to practice sodomy at our leisure.  We can murder children, provided they aren’t breathing air yet.  We can watch all the pornography we want.

And we have forgotten that we die to sin, that we died to sin, and that we are trapped in sin.  That when the Founding Fathers spoke of freedom, many of them spoke in terms of freedom from sin because that was their background.  Like it or not, they were Christian men.  Sure, we could squabble over their various individual beliefs, but at the end of the day, this nation was founded on British identity, Christian belief, and Greco-Roman philosophy.

Now we have abandoned it all in favor of madness, irrationality, and insanity.  Those of us who wish to return to reason cling to a piece of paper that was abandoned long ago, by a tyrant with a stupidly tall hat.  I mean, seriously, do you think Lincoln would have left office after second term if he hadn’t been shot in the head?

Objectively, ever since this nation has achieved loser immigration standards, women’s suffrage, so-called “equal rights”, abortion rights, gay rights, gay marriage, porn as free speech, and free trade are we really better off?  Is your life really better now that you can see tons of naked women online?  Has so-called diversity really enriched your life?  How’s that no-fault divorce working out for you now that you’ve ditched your husband?  Are you really happy with it all now?

Our churches talk of oppression and racism as great evils, neither of which are even mentioned in the Bible, let along considered a sin.  Heck, by modern standards, Jesus, Peter, and Paul were all racists and misogynists.  But please, do continue to allow women to teach men on how to behave in the church.

I guess I am just tired of all this bullshit.  The whole world wants me dead, wants my boys to be girls, wants my wife to be unhappy and unhealthy, and they all get angry when I tell them no.  Like I’m the asshole because I want to live and protect my family as I see fit.

And everywhere I turn, I see no support, just more bullshit.  Even the right-wing is full of garbage and nonsense.  It’s like nobody can be bothered to listen to God.

Then again, I’m not alone in that last part but I feel like I’m the only one who is at least trying to attain the wisdom I need to maintain my sanity and dignity.

The president recently said that people like me are incapable of being happy.  And while I don’t actively seek out happiness, I could be a lot happier if I wasn’t being forced to grin and bear it all.