Monday, June 26, 2017

The Raw Consequences

There is no justice in the post-modern West.  At best, there are punishments for honest men, coddles for honest women, and the elevation of the wicked.  And if a wicked man is caught, he is given a slap on the wrist and told to not do that thing again.

Child molestation is just one example.  When children are sexually abused, the offender should be on death row, given a last meal, and drawn and quartered.  Put on pay-per-view to fund the cost of the execution.

Any sane society would recognize that murderers and child rapists are a threat to public order.  They are a threat to good people.

But we focus on the bad people and empathize with on levels unfathomable to me.  He murdered someone but he had a bad childhood so that negates the horrendous crime.

Ever notice how most serial killers get special treatment in prison?  Ever notice how non-whites are excused for their horrendous crimes against whites by our leaders?  Especially in South Africa where I’ve heard toddlers are raped by those Zulu savages for the crime of being children of white landowners.

And being raped by a Zulu in South Africa is actually a mercy compared to how others fair.

Here in the US, murderers aren’t shuffled to the electric chair quickly enough.  Many of them, in fact, get off with light sentences through plea bargaining.

Child rapists usually get off as well with light sentences, instead instructed to go to counseling, the post-modern version of confession with therapy being their prescribed repentance.

Even our churches fail to cast out priests and bishops caught engaging in sexual misconduct.  If you are a priest or bishop and you have sexual relations with anyone outside of your marriage to your wife, you should be thrown out and communion denied to you.

But even that is too hard for people to accept.

I want people to not be protected from the stupidity of their actions.  I want them to face the raw consequences of their wickedness in this life and not the next.  Hell is too good for many of these people and they need to suffer justice here and now.

Yes, there are always wicked people who slip through, but that doesn’t mean we cannot try harder and deal with the truly depraved and degenerate right here and now.

To do so otherwise only invites this cancer, this spiritual disease of apathy and wickedness to grow.