Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Commies Have It All Here

I used to believe in the US Constitution.  If you read some past blogs, I was a strong Constitutionalist.

But those days are long gone now.  The contract’s been violated so many times now, it just seems pointless.  The rule of law is dead and the reality of our situation is that only those in power really matter.

If you wish to make the government adhere to the tenants of the Constitution, good luck as they also set up the judges who interpret the laws and have final say on those matters.  Unless a Democrat President choses to disobey those rulings.

Yes, this line of thinking leads to a dictatorship.  But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, especially if the dictator’s not a communist, which is a very real possibility.

But the Constitution is dead and the Left has successfully killed it through their takeover of any meaningful institution in this country designed to protect it.  The press, the schools, the bureaucrats, hell, even the major tech companies and bankers are all commies who need to be given free helicopter rides.

This is because while conservatism, largely under the leadership of that narcissist William F. Buckley, did nothing more than bitch about what was happening.  It’s the modern equivalent of being an armchair activist on social media.

I remember the messages in school: whites are bad, everyone is equal, the Soviets were the same at the USA.  Senator McCarthy somehow managed to head the House of Un-American Activities Committee, despite being a Senator, not a House member.  The lies and propaganda went on and on.

I remember going to the local government office to hand in the paperwork for my son’s Medicaid.  The office was filled with foreigners, three of which were behind the counter and one of which appeared to be actually working.  Of course, it didn’t do us any good as we kept on getting the same renewal paperwork.  I suspect it is because I’m white, because the whole Medicaid system is harder to navigate than a medical insurance system and yet somehow Hispanics get into it.

I could go on.  The fact is, the commies have taken over and right now, the Alt-Right is the only political body that is fighting back.  The mainstream conservatives don’t know how to fight back, the Republicans are, by and large, bought and paid for by commies (using the guise of investment bankers and other corporate lobbyists), and the Federal government continues to grow.

None of this ends well for one group or the other.  And we need to make sure that we win, not the commies.  Because the commies will just herd us all into mass graves and while they rape our children.