Friday, May 19, 2017

News of the Week

Here’s a quick overview of some of the many news stories that occurred this week:

  • It was alleged that President Trump told the Russians about possible ISIS attacks on Russian airplanes involving laptops with bombs.  This sparked outrage and calls for impeachment amongst nearly every anti-Trump person in the country because they don’t seem to understand that the President is allowed to tell anyone any secret he damn well pleases and to declassify anything as well.
  • Simultaneously, former FBI director Comey decided to say that he has memos that make the President look like he was obstructing investigations into his Russian ties.  Of course, he said under oath that this wasn’t the case, so was he committing perjury then?  Also, I really think it isn’t a good idea to trust the word of a former disgruntled employee.
  • A private investigator looking into the Seth Rich murder case said that he had sent data to Wikileaks and that law enforcement at the local and Federal level were ordered to stand down.  He later retracted this statement, but Seth Rich’s murder does sound like an execution and if his first assertion is true, than John Podesta and Hilary Clinton are mafia bosses and not party bosses.
  • Everyone is calling for Trump’s impeachment, including libertarian Republican Justin Amash, who apparently doesn’t understand the simple economic nature of the employer-employee, despite being a libertarian.  It also further demonstrates just how stupid and irrelevant libertarianism has become these days.
  • A man drove his car into a bunch of people in Times Square in New York City, killing one person and injuring many others.  He had a history of drunk driving, but wasn’t drunk at the time.  I wonder if he has an Islamic name?
  • California Governor Jerry Davis called taxpayers “freeloaders” proving that California is run not only by Left-wing communists, but by completely incompetent and stupid ones at that.  Even the Soviets understand the need to properly redistribute resources, for the most part.  Californian politicians are more concerned with transgender surgery than rolling blackouts and droughts.
  • Soundgarden lead singer Chris Cornell committed suicide.  Every late Gen-Xer and early Millennial decided to honor him when he really only had one or two decent songs.
  • Roger Ailes passed away as well.  And thus, Fox News will swiftly become more pozzed than ever before.
  • Powers Boothe passed away and he will be missed.  He was always an excellent bad guy.  He even starred in Marvel’s Avengers the film and reprised that role for the Agents of SHIELD spin-off show.  That shows a range of humbleness in my opinion.
  • Julian Assange has had his rape case in Sweden dropped.  Apparently, it’s not worth pursuing rape charges against a man whose only crime was continuing sex after the condom broke.  It’s a little sleazy and stupid (since men should wear a condom for every one-night stand), but not rape.  I mean, at what point does consent begin and end?  Feminists could never give a straight answer.
  • Anthony Weiner has plead guilty to sexting a teenage girl.  He’s falling on the sword for the Clintons, probably in fear for his life.
  • And finally, the FCC has voted to end Net Neutrality rules.  Considering it was an illegal act by an overreaching bureaucracy anyway, this comes as a surprise.  Maybe we can also re-obtained control of the international DNS servers while we’re at it.

And that’s about it.  There was a lot more going on this week but I don’t have time to sift through all of it.

Just remember: John Podesta is a child molestor and possible murderer, the Deep State is watching, buy guns.