Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Migration is a Welfare State Issue

The main reason for mass migration in the West is to prop up the welfare state.

I know that there are other reasons for it, but this is the main one.  And the primary reason for the need for mass migration is because of the dwindling populations of the natives that are required for the welfare rolls of the aging population.

In other words, old people didn’t have enough children to fund their government welfare retirement programs.

The fact is, the entire welfare system is a scam and steals from the production to fund the lifestyles of the lazy.  Instead of saving their money in the long-term so that when they are unable to work anymore, they can afford to keep on living the way they have been, instead they demand money from the young and productive.

Worse yet, they either refuse to live with their children because they either didn’t have any children or because the children they did have don’t particularly like them.

Demographic replacement wouldn’t be an issue if the welfare state was non-existent or limited to natural-born citizens only.  In light of that, many people wouldn’t have immigrated here in the first place because to many third-world migrants, “land of opportunity” usually has something to do with free shit from sociopathic politicians.

So in order to stem the tide of the r-type migrants who want nothing more than free shit and sexual access to native women, I propose we just get rid of the welfare state.

For everyone.

Maybe then the migrant issue will become more apparent and more people will realize that it is a war and not a charity to let that many people into your country.