Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Crashing Waves of Feminism

Here’s a quick overview of the various waves of feminism:

  1. First Wave – Women wanted the “right” to vote and to ban all alcohol.  The latter stance was probably because they had regrets the following morning.  The former has a direct correlation with ever increasing government.
  2. Second Wave – Women wanted the “right” to murder their own children, to be able to enter the workforce, and the ability to divorce without consequence.  The first was unnecessary since birth control pills were already available by the time abortion became law.  The second has caused wages to stagnate as the increased supply of labor was faster than the demand.  The third turned marriage into a social dating contract and empowered women to financially rape their husbands when they aren’t happy.
  3. Third Wave – Not really sure about this one honestly.  The best I can say is that this one is about sexual freedom, sexual harassment lawsuits, and the ability to acquire feminine products for free.  Many of the problems that are cited by third-wave feminists are the direct result of the previous waves.  In truth, I suspect this wave is more about complaining than any actual grievance, though the past grievances weren’t that big of a deal.
  4. Fourth Wave – Supposedly, this is the new wave a feminism that is quickly approaching.  So far, it appears to entail things like sex is bad and video games are sexist.

You see a trend here.  It starts with politics, then goes to culture, then continues on to economics, then finally settles on simple pastimes.  Feminism is hell-bent on making the lives of everyone miserable.

Notice too that responsibility is constantly taken away from women and placed on men as the trends move forward.  At this point, much of our culture doesn’t even bother to call out women for their bad behavior and only in extreme cases are they given any kind of punishment.  Even then, others make excuses for them rather than accept the simple fact that women can be just as bad as men, just in different ways.

I think it’s high time we fought against these wicked women.  We must take away everything they have gained in the last century.

Of course, we don’t have to fight back.  Nature has a nasty habit of reasserting itself, often in violent ways.  Fighting back is the more compassionate option, in my opinion.