Monday, January 16, 2017

Dismantle the CIA

Last week, it was reported that Donald Trump once rented out a room in Russia where Barack Obama had once slept and hired prostitutes to urinate on the bed.  The Kremlin allegedly had recorded this and was using it as blackmail against Trump.

As it turns out, the story was completely bogus, having been competely fabricated by a 4chan user.  Somehow, it spread through various channels until it finally reached the CIA.  Which the CIA promptly used in their assertion that Trump was in Russia’s pocket.

What does this say about the state of the Intelligence apparatus in the United States?

I can say that our Federal government’s Intelligence services is full of nothing but traitors, scumbags, and utter fools.  For them to go to such extremes in order to discredit Mr. Trump demonstrates just how communist they truly are.

The CIA has their own agenda and that agenda doesn’t align with the safety and security of US citizens or even the safety of their own leaders.  I can only imagine that their entire agenda revolves around extreme Satanism, followed by child sacrifice and occasional cannibalism.

That last part was largely vague speculation, of course.

But if the agendas of the CIA are not aligned with looking out to protect the American people, then they must be thoroughly dismantled.

They did this to Reagan, though not so openly, and they’re doing it to Mr. Trump.

I suspect that Mr. Trump will have the balls to fire a whole bunch of them.  Really, it’s just stupid to do what they did to an incoming President.  That’s like posting a whole blog about how you hate your new boss and sharing it with the entire company.

You just don’t do that.