Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Morality is Simple

“It doesn’t affect you!”

That is the mantra of the utilitarian, spoken as they describe horrifically depraved acts like bestiality or their unnatural attractions to children.

What’s more, is that I see many people who argue against such acts from a utilitarian perspective, such as bringing up the diseases that can be contracted from such interactions.

But you can’t beat a utilitarian at his own game.  Because there are always statistics, studies, or scientific evidence to support the claim that dog sex is better or that children need to understand sexuality at a younger age.

To top that off, any time a Christian tries to argue in this fashion, he is quickly dismissed as a zealot or fanatic.  I remember when Jerry Falwell would argue on television that gay rights would lead to the acceptance of child sex down the road.

Yes, he was right.  But his argumentation was off.  He argued from an exaggerated utilitarian sense and tried to persuade people through fear, something people generally dismiss out of hand.

Morality is simple, especially in this Christian nation.  We have a good set of laws laid out by God, as well as centuries of Church teachings on these matters, which we just have to accept.

It starts with the Ten Commandments.  Then we highlight the New Testament teachings on what is permissible for non-Jews (see Acts 15:22-29).  Keep in mind that sexual immorality is reserved to all sexual practices outside of marriage between a man and a woman.

Because at the end of the day, it does affect all of us.  We all vote don’t we?  And our military is too busy trying to gender bend instead of trying to kill the enemy.

When arguing with people who use utilitarian arguments, it needs to be shut down.  Don’t argue the way they do, simply respond God said no.  If that person doesn’t like that response, then tough, you’re shit out of luck.  It’s His creation and His rules.

It never ceases to amaze how complicated people make this.  There is no need to justify your moral stance if you are Christian,   You simply need to say that what you do is an abomination against God and He hates it.

And He’s an invisible killer.