Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Tragedy of Not Knowing Phyllis Schlafly

When I was in high school, I recall a segment of my history textbook showing a picture of Phyllis Schlafly with the caption describing her being instrumental in stoping the Equal Rights Amendment.  But that was all.  There was nothing else in the textbook which talked about what the Equal Rights Amendment did and, more importantly, why a woman would oppose it.

And not just oppose it, but lead a whole movement to do so.

This speaks to a broader tragedy regarding government education these days.  It largely overlooks many problematic facts that don’t fit the Narrative.

In this case, we have a strong, independent woman who starts a grassroots campaign to stop the passage of a constitutional amendment without the funding of a ethically challenged rich Jew.  On top of that, it was an amendment which supposedly would give her more rights, if you are to believe it at face value.

To top that off, Schlafly herself did much of this while raising six children and getting a law degree.   She was mocked for not having a law degree by the hairy apes known as feminists in her day, so she decided to get one.

While raising children.

All of this amazing information could have been summed up in a high school history textbook.  But because she opposes the communists until her death last week, she doesn’t get much reknown in our post-post-modern education system.

Instead we are told of Betty Friedan, whos only real accomplishment appears to be sleeping with the right men in order to lower the happiness of women while raising the cost of living for families.  Oh sure, she gets a mention under the civil rights section.

But God forbid we have a real woman of accomplishment taught to our young people.

I guess what I’m saying is that government education is garbage because government is run by commie bureaucrats who need a specific narrative in order to indoctrinate our children.

Because when parents do it, it’s wrong.