Thursday, June 2, 2016


I’m tired.

I’m tired of dealing with morons day in and day out.  Every humorous or positive post is ignored or discounted, but every negative one gets attention.  I’m tired of people only caring about what I have to say when it offends their delicate sensibilities.

I’m tired of the daily onslaught of news and social tweets of idiots who think it’s funny that our civilization is literally dying.  They praise the death of the United States, of white men, of Christianity, and of Christendom.

I’m tired of trying to convince good people that there are wicked, evil degenerates out there who have declared open war on all white, straight, Christian men.  They do not seem to understand this and often times make excuses for their actions.

I’m tired of people misrepresenting freedom of speech.  The concept only applies to the government, which has restricted it and nobody seems to care.  No, you bastards are whining about Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. and how they are letting you get a soapbox.  Build your own fucking soapbox!

I’m tired of people who tell me I should be nice.  Be nice to freaks who behave like children as they do inexplicably disgusting things to their bodies in order to garner attention.  I will not be nice to people who do not deserve it.  They are disgusting pigs and should laughed and ridiculed.

I’m tired of people assuming that morality comes from the government.  This is especially frustrating in a representative democracy where you the people get to vote on your leaders who then tell you what your morality should be.  In other words, you get to say what is good and what is evil rather and can potentially make evil good through your vote.

I’m tired of people saying Donald Trump is sexist or racist or whatever.  Tell me at what point did he make statements where he expressed interest in rounding all women or all non-whites and throwing them into ghettos or concentration camps?  If you cannot, you are just being a complete asshole and should kiss my ring.  The one in between my butt cheeks.

I’m tired of being called sexist or racist by people who won’t bother to actually try and understand what I mean.  If you don’t want to talk to me like a reasonable person, then you don’t deserve to be given the time of day.

I’m tired of all the heretics who blaspheme my God.  They assume that God is a passive, non-confrontational God and emulate this by making men into pussies and women into narcissists.  They allow women to rule over them, thus giving into the curse of Sin, and absolve women of all their moral failings, opting instead to blame men instead.  Fuck those losers.

In short, I’m tired of a great many things.  I think I need a break for a bit.  Unfortunately, my responsibilities in life prevent me from doing so but I can try.