Friday, May 13, 2016

The Mammoth in the Elephant’s Room

Whenever you hear of a conservative or Republican who wants to highlight the failings of liberalism or Democrats, they often cite certain cities of proof of their destruction.  Mainly Detroit is cited, but Chicago and Philadelphia have also been cited.

While it is true that Socialist policies have been in place in many of these cities for a long time now, they always overlook another factor that has, by and large, been right in front of them.  And it is hard to ignore when you cite other locations where liberal policies have not lead to the destruction of those areas like the New England states and many others.

The cities that are falling apart are largely populated by minorities, specifically blacks.  Now, I know, that seems racist and it probably is (I really don’t care what people think of me), however, there are cities with large populations of blacks which are not falling apart.

It is hard to ignore the racial factors when it comes to Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, etc. when it comes to their rampant crime, drug use, and the crumbling infrastructure.  But conservatives tend to do it along with Republicans.  They use the “liberal policies” rhetoric to justify it.

When it comes to racial IQ make-up, blacks have below average in comparison to whites and East Asians.  What this means is that blacks are more likely to have high time-preference.  Combine high time-preference with liberal policies and the result is the destruction of an existing civilization and an entire group of people reduced to their barbaric roots.

Yes, liberal policies didn’t do the black man much good in Detroit.  But neither did many of the conservative policies like free trade.  Without jobs and an overly generous welfare program, people with lower-IQs did what came naturally: enjoyed the moment without regard for the future.

This doesn’t happen in states where liberal policies are etched in golden tablets populated primarily by whites.  You don’t hear about how Vermont is deteriorating into a third-world hellhole.  Or Maine.  Or most of New York (New York City is debatable as some areas are still nice to live and work in if you can afford it).

No, in the liberal enclaves populated by lower-IQ peoples, we see nothing but degeneracy, crime, and barbarism.  And when you try to correct them, you get nothing but accusations of racism.

The fact is, conservatives are by and large cowards.  They are afraid to be called “racists” by people who so clearly hate them.  As if racism was one of the seven deadly sins.

If we want to fix these very severe problems, we have to recognize the racial reality in them.  If a group of people is more prone to crime, poverty, and immaturity, then we need to ensure that they can be kept busy.  We do this by removing the welfare system, deregulating labor, and paving the way for real jobs that even low-IQ people can do as not everyone gets to be a Software Developer or Nuclear Engineer.