Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Racist Facts

The following facts are considered racist by proponents of the Narrative:

  • Higher IQs do not make for superior traits in human beings
  • George H. W. Bush ran as a pro-choice Republican in 1980 against Ronald Reagan.
  • Laura Bush is secretly pro-choice.
  • Israeli nationalism is the only acceptable form of nationalism for white people.
  • The creator of Conan was Robert E. Howard who blew his brains out at age 30 after he found out his mother was dying.
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. enjoyed having orgies.
  • President Lincoln wanted to deport all freed slaves to Africa.
  • The only reason that West Virginia exists is because there were a group of Virginians who didn’t want to leave the Union but also wanted to keep all their slaves.
  • Inflation happens in modern society because people are greedy and want to buy cars and homes long before they should do so.
  • Modern colleges are nothing more than overpriced daycare centers in many cases.
  • Facebook, Twitter, and many other mainstream social media services are nothing more than Left-wing propaganda tools.  The fact that conservative or right-wing content gets through is merely a lack of manpower on their part.
  • The average IQ of a criminal is 85.
  • Low-IQ correlates with high time preference.  There are exceptions, however, as I once saw an obese man who drove a Hybrid car with a Mensa bumper sticker.
  • Atheist leaders have murdered more people in the last century than all the Christian leaders since the death of Christ Himself.
  • Islam is by far the most violent religion in the world these days, mostly because its form of evangelism is done by the literal sword rather than the sword from Jesus’ mouth.
  • Pretty much all the high-IQ people from the third-world have already immigrated to Western nations.
  • Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson is not a libertarian.
  • AIDS has yet to spread to the heterosexual community in any meaningful way.
  • Your sex is determine by your genetics.  You are either XX or XY and there are only a handful of people in the world who are not.  Nothing you do can change this.
  • Karl Marx had a sex slave.
  • Not all religions are equal.
  • White people built modern civilization.
  • Donald Trump will not save the United States.
  • A woman cannot be a mother and a career woman at the same time.
  • A father should have custody rights in a divorce proceeding by default.
  • Most men aren’t rapists.
  • Most women have not been raped.
  • Most social justice warriors are pedophiles or supporters of pedophilia.
  • MMR Vaccines caused autism in black children.