Thursday, May 5, 2016

Called It on Trump

What did I say about Trump?  And here he is confirming what I said:

Trump told CNBC he would not renegotiate U.S. bonds but would buy back at discounts, depending where interest rates are.

"Part of the problem is when a lot of this debt comes due, what happens if the rates are high and we have no budget that can even conceivably take care of this," Trump said.

If interest rates go up just 1 percent, Trump said, it would be devastating for the economy.

"I think there are times for us to refinance, refinance debt with longer term," he said. "Because you know we owe so much money. Nobody talks about it - nobody talks about it until the bubble pops. And the bubble could pop, and it could pop and it could be ugly."

This is a man who knows business.  In an institution where its leaders have literally no concept of how to run a business and yet handle the world’s largest corporation, we have a self-made corporate billionaire already trying to fix things.

Trump will be the CEO who comes in and saves the company from bankruptcy, or at least delays it long enough to cushion the blow.

Nobody right now besides Trump is calling for refinancing or defaulting on the national debt.  Nobody important anyway.  It is the squid in the room that the Griffin family ignores.

While I don’t know if Trump will be able to do anything like what he is proposing, it is certainly worth a shot.