Monday, April 18, 2016

RNC Hell-Bent On Losing Again With Vote Rigging

As of a right now, Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz has claimed victory in Colorado and Wyoming without a single vote cast in either primary or caucus.  He is currently bragging about how these wins were “landsides”, even though he never won the favor of the citizens of those states, just the delegates.

I’m not a big fan of democracy myself.  I vote because there is at least one other asshole out there who stands for everything I’m against.  Also, it’s not as if I can boycott government.  I’ve seen how that ends and it usually means an armed stand-off of some kind.

What Ted Cruz has done is basically brag about how he doesn’t give a flying flip about the average American voter and instead is willing to do anything to win, even engage in vote buying among Republican delegates.

But the states Cruz has won were by and large going to go for him anyway.  Colorado and Wyoming were not going to vote for Trump and Trump’s campaign knew that.

So really, there was no need for Cruz’s supporters to do all of this.  What had they to worry about?  Trump taking 5 of the 37 delegates in Colorado?  A state popular for legalizing Marijuana and the Denver Broncos?

What the RNC has done, in effect, is ensure that they will lose the general election should anyone but Donald Trump get the nomination.  Quite simply, Ted Cruz’s sleazy behavior first by declaring that Ben Carson wasn’t running when he was now by circumventing the will of voters to secure delegates he already won will only secure general distaste for Cruz.

The Republicans have run terrible candidates in the past two elections.  Candidates who have turned off many of the conservative base, among other potential voters, because they demonstrated open contempt for the people who were supposed to support.  McCain in 2008 voted for the Wall Street bailouts, something that goes against the free market ideals of many Republican voters, and Romney showed open contempt for conservatives by completely shutting out Ron Paul.

And now the Republican party is making the same mistake again by pushing Ted Cruz, a sleazy liar, on the their constituents because Trump can’t be bought.  They are pulling every dirty trick they can think, things usually reserved to Democrats.

But they remain completely oblivious to the damage they will do if they continue to subvert the will of the Republican voter in this manner.

Of course, if a brokered convention happens, Cruz would still lose.  All Trump has to do in that case is offer 10,000 dollars cash and a hat to the first 1,236 delegates who vote for him.  I doubt Cruz could meet that offer to more than 50 people.