Friday, February 26, 2016

More Too Long for Twitter

Here are some fundamental truths to live by.  I may be repeating myself, but hey, nobody reads blog archives anyway except for the stalkers.

  • Government officials always lie.  Be it local, state, or Federal level, they are probably lying.  The thing you have to understand is that people who get into government employment or elected positions usually are there to impose their reality on you.  Hence, lying is what helps them do that.  So never assume that when a government official is making a public statement or addressing you at a town hall meeting, that he or she is making any kind of factual statement.
  • In nearly every case, voting doesn’t matter too much.  What you are really doing is choosing which corporate faction gets the goods.  This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t vote, however, because some corporate factions want to poison your children and rape your women while others just want to exploit you for slight monetary gain.  It really comes down to what you can live with.
  • Most people are mediocre and will live mediocre lives and die wallowing in suffering and shame.  Once you accept this, you are free.  Make the most out of this life.  Get married.  Have kids.  Go camping.  Work and build wealth so you can contribute less to society and live comfortably later on in life.  Figure it out.
  • Nobody gives a damn about your feelings.  Well, your friends and family might but that’s pretty much it.  Don’t tweet, post, or share them in any meaningful capacity unless you expect ridicule or general indifference.
  • Hot women always get things handed to them and will always benefit from their lapdogs.  Whether they are the privileged concubine or the social media deva, they will always be given top billing.  In many cases, they know this and are intelligent enough to exploit it.  Or it’s some kind of instinct that they’ve inherited through evolution over the years.
  • Polygamy isn’t condemned in the Bible, even in the New Testament.  But a society which promotes monogamy is patriarchal and beneficial for the whole of society as demonstrated in the last several centuries of both European and East Asian cultures.
  • Feminism is the politicization of envy.  It is a political movement based on the idea that Envy is a virtue rather than a vice and therefore is not about equality in any way, shape, or form.  This also explains why it had close ties to communism.
  • Communism is the forced collectivization of economic and social institutions into a central power base.  Socialism is merely voluntary.  Anyone claiming to be a Socialist and running for office or in control of any government is really just a Communist.
  • The bigger the government in a representative democracy, the more control corporations have over it.  This is because corporations pick the regulators and place them in key positions in the bureaucracy.  The only way to keep big corporations from getting bailouts and welfare is to reduce government to near nothing.
  • Anyone who claims to have voted for both Republicans and Democrats is really just a communist who was dissatisfied with the lack of communism from a Democrat candidate that one time.
  • Moderates would rather stab their friends in the back than follow the radicals against their enemies.  They aren’t your friends and they aren’t peacemakers.
  • Most people are idiots.
  • Most people behave and think irrationally.
  • Rational thinking is not necessarily “good” thinking.  You can rationalize all kinds of evil.  Hitler did it.  Stalin did it.  Perhaps that’s why they were able to get away with all that murder, because they were so gosh darn rational about it both in thought and practice.
  • Morality does not come from government, especially a government that is elected by the people.  Instead, a government is supposed to uphold morality by punishing the offenders via a means of justice.  Tragically, this is almost never the case.
  • Most men actually don’t think with their penis.  Unless we’re intoxicated.
  • Most women want sex.  But they want it for reasons that are very different from the reasons that men want it.
  • The industrial revolution was probably the greatest revolution mankind ever experienced and took part in.  Too bad we have a bunch of people trying to fuck it all up.
  • Civilization requires high-IQ people to breed more.  Unfortunately, the welfare state encourages low-IQ breeding and discourages high-IQ breeding.  Civilization will fall in the next generation or so because of it.
  • Elderly people are selfish and greedy.  If they really cared about society, they would vote away Social Security, Medicare, and all other welfare programs in a heartbeat.  Maybe there should be a voting cap on age.
  • Productive, honest citizens of any country are mocked by those at the top.  Because they aren’t psychopaths.
  • Yes, truly free markets have their flaws but all of those flaws are voluntary.  Any other economic policy is deliberate and terrible.
  • Even if we turned over all power to people with IQs above 132, the world would still suck.  But at least we would have a better target.

That’s about all for now.