Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Being White, Straight, and Male

I’ve talked about this before.  There is a war against men, specifically white men.  I guess “war” is too strong a word for it as technically, it is an intellectual one.

If you are a white man in the West, especially the United States, the very system you live under is hostile to you.  Your marriage is a risk instead of a blessing.  Your productivity is taxed to feed the irresponsible hedonists.  And your children are claimed by the “progressives” of the State while flatly stating that you are indoctrinating them.

These are facts.  These are not complaints.  I’m not complaining at all.  I am merely pointing out some examples of white male oppression.  There are others.  We could delve into the entertainment media and how white men are portrayed there (either as villains or ineffectual BETA males, usually both).

The sad truth is that most white men don’t seem to really notice.  At least so long as nothing bad comes crashing down.  And that is why I am pointing this out again.

I should not be criticized for being a white straight man.  It is who I was born as and there is nothing wrong with it.  I am comfortable with such an identity and I don’t care what anyone else thinks of it.

But when you start to use the power of the State to oppress people like me, that’s called a declaration of war.  President Obama’s ascension to the presidency emboldened a lot of malcontents to act out some of their sick fantasies.  Fortunately, there are any prison camps just yet.

I don’t have high regards for my racial, sexual, and gender identity really.  I’m not concerned with collectivizing or rallying or anything so ridiculous and impotent.  I merely wish to work hard and live a life without debt, financial or otherwise.

But I cannot in good conscience support politicians, policy-makers, or entertainment mediums which purposely attack me for being born a certain way.