Monday, January 4, 2016

Bacon on the Doorway

An incident that was entirely predictable:

A man with a machete vandalized a Brevard County mosque and left pork at the front door of the building, according to police.

The Islamic Society of Central Florida’s Masjid Al-Munin at 1011 South Washington Avenue in Titusville was vandalized Friday night, police said.

Officers said several cameras, lights and windows were broken and bacon was left near the front door of the mosque. Pork is prohibited in Islam, a faith followed by 1.6 billion people  worldwide.

Surveillance video shows a man entering the mosque carport around 11 p.m. Friday and pulling out a machete to damage the mosque, police said.

Point number 1: bacon is not pork.  But anything from a pig is considered unclean.  The author of this article is ignorant of both meat and theology while simultaneously trying to shame people.

Point number 2: this action was entirely predictable because the Federal government refuses to do what it should be doing in order stop Muslim terrorists from coming to the US and shooting up office parties.

Point number 3: this crime may have been committed by a Muslim in order to gain sympathy for Muslims in the United States.  While it is not the likely scenario, it certainly is a possibility considering that Muslim activists take pages from communists when pushing their agenda.

Point number 4: I do not condone this crime.  But if it was perpetrated by anti-Muslim reasons, I completely understand it.