Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Abolish the Federal Courts

In the Supreme Court case Nix v. Hedden, the court ruled that the tomato was a fruit and not a vegetable, mostly for tariff purposes.  Despite botanical classifications at the time (which I believe still apply today), the court overruled science itself for political convenience.

The reason I point this out is because somehow everyone seems to accept that the Supreme Court has the final say on everything.  Once they declare an interpretation, it is considered to be the final interpretation unless they say otherwise in the future.

I recall a flaw in Ayn Rand’s own philosophy where she said that the “philosophers” would determine the morality of society.  I say that the Supreme Court is nothing but a bunch of overpaid philosophers and not actual judges.

While Congress and the Presidents so seem to engage in magic thinking from time to time, no more is it found more ridiculous than in the halls of the Supreme Court.  Magic thinking is a form of thinking where the thinker believes he or she can alter the very fabric of reality by thought alone.  It usually crops up in mystic circles outside of the government but the government and many scientists (usually government-funded) do so as well.

The courts have long been arrogant in their practices, refining the court system to a point where the punishment is usually not the actual sentencing but the process leading up to your verdict.  Sometimes, even the sentencing is a lie and because most average citizens don’t give a damn about “convicts”, we see convicts constantly harassed by government men for decades after their punishment is over.

In my opinion, we should do away with the court system entirely.  What should have happened is that the Constitution should have required a regular meeting of the representatives of the States to determine what Federal legislations should be allowed to remain.  Any interpretations of said laws could have been determined there anyway.

The Federal court system is a joke and really should be abolished in my opinion.