Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Vote for the Sake of Your Culture

In case you are forgetting, today is election day in the United States.  You probably didn’t notice because for most people it is just local elections, not state or national level elections.  What this means is that you’ll be picking the people who will determine public school policies and whether or not a 4-way stop should be converted to a traffic signal intersection.

Seems not terribly important right?

Well it is and it isn’t.  The trouble right now is that America’s Culture War is nearly coming to actual blows.  We have people in power, mostly Democrats, who are starting to express their absolute disdain for contemporary American culture.  Hell, we have a semi-prominent media figure claiming that “Hard Working” is a racist term.

And while that pothole is a minor annoyance until it gets filled in, the real trouble is the cultural climate of the people running your school board.  In my case, the school board decided that if a boy says he’s a girl and adequately dresses as one, he can use the girl’s bathroom in public school facilities.  Opposing this is what communists call “transphobic”.

We are fighting against more than just the assholes who don’t clean up after their dogs.  We are fighting for a culture of sanity, reason, and responsibility.  The Left, for all intents and purposes, has abandoned what is good and wholesome in favor of what is degenerate, wicked, and abominable.

No, this is not the most important election in your lifetime.  Nor will the next one be when we pick our next president, provided Obama doesn’t go full Mao on us.

And no, just because you pick the right guy and he wins, it doesn’t mean that we’ve won the culture war.  Voting is just one front in the Culture War.

I know that your local Democrat may be a good guy.  He may even go to your church.  But at the end of the day, his party represents the side of evil with its pro-baby-brain-scrambling agenda and its misguided attempts at playing Robin Hood.

And your local Republican may a member of the KKK.  But his party doesn’t outright attack masculinity.

Sure, you may think that local officials don’t matter, but in the long run they could move up the election ladder to higher and higher positions of power.  So stopping them locally is a wise strategy.  Remember, most politicians start locally and move up the ranks as they gain influence in their party.

So go and vote Republican or just against any Left-wing nutjob who happens to be on the ballot.  It won’t make you a good citizen.  A good citizen is one who works for a living and takes care of his or her family.

But it will make you a good soldier.