Thursday, October 8, 2015

On Feminism

Feminism is that which seeks to redefine women as men and treats men as either extremely aggressive or simpering wimps.  It is a philosophy of contradictions that hides behind the crowd of all women claiming to speak for all of them when in truth it merely the loudest sub-group of idiots among them.

In truth, it seeks to destroy civilization, knowingly or not, because it inverts the proper roles of men and women and thus changes how civilizations thrive.  A civilization needs mothers to nurture children and fathers to teach them right from wrong.  It needs wives to be submissive to their husbands and husbands to love their wives.

Instead it fosters resentment between the sexes because the typical feminist is an unhappy harpy who would rather see everyone else unhappy.  It is easier to destroy rather than to create.  And creating personal happiness is the greatest obstacle that perpetually offended people have.

Think about it.  If you were offended by just about everything, would you be a happy person?  I know I wouldn’t be.  I would be constantly angry and depressed and always looking to accuse others of making me feel bad when in reality, all my bad feelings are of my own creation.

But they aren’t offended by what you do or say.  They are offended by your very existence.  If you are not of their sex, race, sexual preference, or any other “oppressed” group they can come up with, then you offend them by existing.

And when dealing with something like that, there is no point in debating or apologizing.  The only option is to shut down the conversation before they gain the upper hand and the crowd sides with them.

Despite their self-hatred and assortment of mental illnesses (usually BPD or NPD), they tend to be very good rhetoricians.  Their calls for equality out of a sense of fairness or justice are nothing more than pleas for good vibes from foolish men.  Have you ever considered why equality was so great in the first place or why it is something we should strive for?

No really ever asks that question or seriously considers it.  Equality must happen because it has to.  Never mind that each individual human being is no more equal to the next in any capacity.  At best, I could argue that we all have an equal right to life, provided we do nothing to exterminate the life of a fellow human being.

But feminist abandons that notion.  When it comes to the equality of the fetus, it is nothing more than a tissue mass, a parasite to be terminate on a whim.  And so while we are supposed to accept that men and women are equal, forgetting that not even all men are equal to each other, it doesn’t count when said man or woman still remains in the womb.

In truth, feminism is really just about absolving women of the consequences of their actions while simultaneously blaming men for all the bad things that happen.  And while men as a collective group are dangerous and destructive, we are also caring and creative.  And if we were so aggressive and destructive, why would a woman seek to poke that sleeping bear anyway?

Logic escapes them.  They should not be taken seriously but unfortunately a few sociopathic elite Alpha males decided that their sex lives would be easier if women were liberated.  And they felt like knocking the Beta schleps down a notch too.

And so the current mainstream narrative is that women are just as good at men in everything except child bearing, which is solely a woman’s domain.

Is that really equality or just a matriarchy?