Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Our current crop of Western leaders have pretty much failed the average citizen.  I say “failed” in the sense that they have made promises which they cannot deliver on and continue to implement policies which are detrimental to their own people.

In the mean time, they prop up foreigners and declare that anyone who disagrees with them to be racist because that is the greatest crime a person can commit.  And if you are a white male, you are guilty of it unless you are sucking the fungus-ridden big toe of the cultural elite.  In which case, you’re on probation and if you deviate from the ever-changing narrative, you will be sent to prison.

Meanwhile in the US, we have record numbers of people on food stamps.  Literally tens of millions in a country with only 310 million people.  That would be considered shameful by any standard of virtue you use, but our leaders hold this up as a point of pride.  We are feeding hungry people after all.  Not starving people, just people who are hungry and who don’t make too much money.  And don’t get me started on the junk food that qualifies in contrast to the healthy food which doesn’t.

Then there’s the Affordable Medical Care Act or Obamacare as it is commonly known.  Apparently, some people, less than those on food stamps right now, had trouble paying for health insurance.  And for the sake of those poor people, we passed a law which states you are breaking the law if you don’t have health insurance.

Makes sense, right?

On top of that, we have a government which seems hell bent on keeping good, strong laborers here in the States on welfare while allowing the foreign equivalent of trailer park trash to come to this country and clean their toilets.  Bearing in mind that being a janitor in a government building requires a security clearance, something I doubt any foreigner could legally pass, it boggles the mind that there haven’t been 20 9/11s in the past decade.

Meanwhile our entertainment culture seems to constantly push the narrative of deviancy and degeneracy in our faces.  Now, I don’t care if you’re a man and you like to pleasure four different men at once.  At the same time, I don’t need to see a fucking parade about it.  And neither does most of the country.  Seriously, whenever gay marriage was put on the ballot as a referendum vote, the average citizen voted against it, even in California.

But no, the courts said they know better than the average citizen in a country that is supposedly run as a democracy.  Except when the elite don’t like the outcome.

We have a group of leaders who are more concerned with getting non-violent criminals raped while at the same time telling all white men in college campuses that they are rapists and should be expelled for feelbads.  We have 20% of our unborn children murdered for the sake of convenience while at the same time saying that born members of a certain race are more important than anyone else.

And we have a church culture who refuses to even address the issues of divorce but will spend eight months coming up with a two-page statement of human sexuality with regards to sexual deviancy.

And you wonder why I’m an angry white man.  The problem is that the priorities of our government, our culture, and our leaders are inverted and are dooming us to societal and civilizational collapse.  We don’t respect human life, we don’t respect private property, and we don’t respect the democratic process.