Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The End of the Whole Gov’t Mess

Is the US government salvageable?

I ask this question because it seems to me that most people in the US agree that our Federal government is broken in some way.  Hell, politicians on both sides will talk about how the government is broken.  They of course have their own ideas on what is broken and what needs to be done to fix it, but the fact remains that most people agree on government’s brokenness.

But I’d argue that we have reached a point of no return.  That our government is completely and utterly broken and that there is nothing left but allowing it to crumble and collapse completely.  Already we are seeing the cracks in the infrastructure as people have pretty much lost faith in our government’s ability to progress humankind.

As of right now, our government appears to be operating out of its own self-interest rather than as an institution intended to serve the needs of the populace.  While an argument could be made that this has always been the case, I doubt it has ever been as severe as it is now.

Right now, Congresspeople work solely for the benefit of corporate interests.  These interests are often used to cement corporate monopolies within our society and thus ensure stagnation.  Think of the most heavily regulated industries in the United States and see that their progress has more or less stagnated as result.  The reason for the stagnation is that large corporations don’t innovate as the status quo affords more profitable results

And while that is certainly bad, it isn’t the only thing that is problematic with the Federal government these days.

The entire judicial apparatus seems to be loyal to the communist Narrative.  Instead of judging cases based on the merits of the Constitution, it instead looks at cases based on the Narrative.  The final decision in that case suit the Narrative rather than the Constitution and thus we get rulings like gay marriage being a right, even though marriage itself is not found anywhere in the Constitution.

The bureaucrats are by and large devoted to the communist Narrative as well.  And why wouldn’t you be when the majority of jobs offered there are related to implementing communist ideals?

On top of that, we see more and more insanity coming from the Federal government.  From standards dictating how to deal with domestic abuse (hint: the man is always at fault) to researching why lesbians tend to be overweight, the entire apparatus appears to be situated toward insanity and abandoning the entire founding principles of this nation.

So I ask: even if we vote the right people in, would we truly fix it?  Given that the only real turnover is the occasional ousting a politician, do we really believe that we can fix it?

I don’t believe that.  I believe that the US government is at it’s end.  As the policy makers continue to insist on immigrating more and more people who are hostile to the ideas of individual liberty, I doubt that the United States will exist as either a democracy or a republic by the end of this century.

Sure, there is a chance that things can be saved and salvaged.  But the chances of doing so are about the same as me winning the lottery, give or take.

So I figure the whole thing is going to collapse and probably in my lifetime.  No nation can survive such a massive shift in culture or policies without being conquered by outside forces or splitting apart.