Monday, July 20, 2015

Nothing is Private Online

So apparently the Ashley Madison site has been hacked.  For those of us who don’t care much for dating sites, Ashley Madison is a website that allows married people to hook up with other people who are not their spouses.  And now a hacker group is threatening to release the hacked data to the public unless the site is shut down permanently.

While I could care less about the outcome of all of this, the incident does reinforce the idea that nothing you do online is private, no matter what guarantee is provided by the service you are using.  No matter where your data is, no matter how its encrypted, it will be hacked eventually.

Look, there are a good chunk of human beings out there who are total douchebags.  They are unlikeable people who hate humanity in general and most people they meet in person.  And so they will make it their quest to make everyone else as miserable as they are.

The Internet is a great tool for passing and receiving information.  You can set up events, meetings, and even extra-martial affairs.  At the same time, nothing should be considered private because there is probably at least one crazy asshole who has access to everything.

So make sure that you don’t take nude pics, you don’t pay for porn online, and you don’t join up questionable social media circles.  Because if you ever desire to take on any kind of controversial issue, chances are you will be exposed for the pervert that you are.

So please do keep that in mind when your girlfriend asks for a picture of your dick or Claudia sends you an e-mail about how she is lonely and needs your attention (despite the ample women who seem more interested in her than you do).

Nothing on the Internet is private.  Always remember that.